Augvape V200 Mod and Templar RDA review by Mjag

Thank you for checking out my review of the Augvape V200 Mod and Templar RDA which were sent to me by Augvape directly.

I always take more pics than I can use in a review, if you would like to see the rest I have made an album here:

3 Colors available

Black and Stainless Steel and both come with an extra frosted Bullet Cap


V200 Mod

  • Material: Zinc Alloy
  • Weight: 165g
  • Size: 87.54529.2mm
  • Standby current: < 500 μA
  • Input voltage: 0-8.4V
  • Power Range: 5-200 W
  • Resistance Range: 0.05-3.0 ohms
  • Charging current: 1.2A
  • Three Setting Output Mode:Normal,Bypass,V Mode


  • Aluminum Anodized Black
  • 24 mm Diameter
  • 810 Drip tip
  • 510 Adapter
  • 24K Gold Plated Deck
  • Clamp Snag System
  • Short Ultem Drip Tip And Long Derlin Drip Tip
  • Come With Gold Plated Brass Pin And Gold
  • Plated SS Squonk Pin

What comes in the box

V200: Owner manual, cool red braided USB cable. Templar RDA: 2 top caps, spare o’rings, squonk pin and 510 adapter

Now I am fully aware I am late to the show on these products, just got them about a month ago. I never read or view youtube reviews of products I am working on but have to admit that I read Anthony Vapes review of the Squid Double Barrel where he did a comparison to the V200, this was before I knew I would receive these products. I always catch his reviews after I finish mine for mods to see the numbers and well there entertaining and informative to boot. I just wanted to be transparent and honest.

Getting to know the Augvape V200

I will freely admit that I had no interest in the V200, I do still buy vape stuff even though I receive a lot for free for review but it wasn’t on my wish list. Mostly my reason for not wanting a V200 is I am a TC guy and this is just a power mod with 3 different modes, Auto, Bypass and V mode, the last being a boost mode for faster ramp up.

When I opened up the package well hello, the red just pops on the V200, looks better in person than the pics I had seen. Feels solid as well and while not the most comfortable in the hand it wasn’t bad. Loved the look of the 510 plate but that is when I noticed it was raised over the body, that means for tanks bigger than 25mm they will have a gap.

Now I did mention I had read Anthony’s review of the Squid Double Barrel which was compared to the V200 but I did not read much on the mod itself. When I loaded up the V200 with a fresh set of batteries I was thinking hmmm, they must have copied the Double Barrel and the fire button is mixed in with the rotary dial. I pushed it but nothing happened, then I clicked the dial up, down 5 times…whatever I could think of but nothing. Determined not to look at the owner’s manual I tried looking around the mod if I could figure out where the fire button is. I kept on seeing a green LED light up on the screen but that’s the screen. I had to break down in defeat and look at the owner’s manual…ohhhh, the green LED that was flashing is also the power button…duh, I felt dumb but whatevs.

Looks good with a lot of tanks and love the nice and bright display

The battery door is solid when loaded up with batteries but it doesn’t take much to open it up. I never once had it open on it’s own but if I have it on something like my mouse pad and slide it with downward pressure it will open up. Not the most secure but it hasn’t been a problem for me even when carrying it in my pocket but it should be mentioned.

Size wise the V200 is about middle of the road for a dual 18650, I have larger and smaller. Here is a pic to compare.

From left to right: Voopoo Drag, Smoant Charon Mini, Augvape V200, Joyetech Espion, Smoant Cylon

Popping on a tank and having the V200 in Auto mode it did a decent job of dialing in a good wattage for the tank I was about to use. It asks if it is a new tank, you select either yes by pushing the dial up or no by pushing it down. There is a flaw though, best to do it when the screen is on, if it goes into standby and you swap tanks it will sometimes fire at the same wattage wattage and not ask if it is a new tank. Happened to me when I swapped out a high wattage tank I was running at 125 watts. Put on a sub ohm tank with a 0.40ohm coil and took a hit…FIRE!!! That shit was hot and I nearly coughed up internal organs. Took the tank off while the screen was still on, screwed it back down and then was asked if it was a new coil. I clicked up for yes and the Auto set the wattage to 50 watts for the 0.40 ohm coil which is a little higher than I would like but not bad, at least it got into the ballpark.

V mode is said to reduce ramp up time and for the most part it works. It does something annoying though, when you change tanks it asks if it is a new coil, answer yes and the wattage is then set to 10 watts each and every time…grrrrr. I liked V mode but if I know I will be changing tanks a lot I just keep it in Auto, still fires good but you won’t be stuck adjusting your wattage so much.

Bypass is you mech like experience but with protection. I tried it with some of my high power tanks and it works but Auto or V mode is good enough for me, at least you have the option though and options are nice.

I did happen to read the power #'s the resident guru Anthony Vapes came up with. I will just say that I can confirm from 150 watts on up is lacking, better in V mode than auto but compared to my Sxmini G class it falters at 200 watts. In Auto mode 150 watts feel the same as 175 and 200, in V mode 175 watts does hit harder than Auto but the same at 200.

Not sure why you would want to buy a dual 18650 to vape over 150 watts constantly anyway, there are much better options, you would be best served with a 3 battery mod.

1.2A Passthrough charging, would have liked 2A but it does have a cool feature, when you plug it in it tells you how long until the batteries are fully charged. I measured 3.22V on both batteries when I got the weak battery alert while vaping at 60 watts.

My batteries were at 15% when I plugged it in

All in the V200 is not a world beater but it looks cool, has a durable finish and is easy to carry around. Sure I missed having TC but I am also aware that the majority of vapers could care less about TC. The V200 looks a lot better in person and I like the hidden fire button, easier to work with your thumb than index finger. If the style suits you and you vape under 150 watts I doubt you would be disappointed.

Templar RDA

First off the Templar is a small tank that is more for flavor chasing than putting in a huge build and entering a cloud comp.

Next to the Goon and Loop RDA’s it is a midget

Uses a single screw clamping mechanism so you install both your coils at the same time. It is a top down clamping system so your wide builds won’t get that dreaded twist you get from side clamp systems.

The top cap is domed for your flavor pleasure

The screw they use is pretty stout but they don’t include a spare. I have had no problems with the 6 to 8 builds I have thrown in here and the screw is big enough to use a normal screwdriver. You will have to use your own screwdriver as there was not one provided in the package.

As you can see by the slots it is not an airy RDA but the airflow is cool as when you close it down it starts at the top slots and works it was down. This way it is continually going lower than the coil producing better flavor. Not a tight draw all the way open but for me the flavor was just right with only the bottom 2 slots open, not crazy tight but more flavorful that wide open.

You can get big builds in here but prepare for the top cap to heat up a lot, not helped by the small ass 810 drip tip they include.

You can see on the bottom right that the airflow will come from under the coil

Big builds I will save for bigger RDA’s, not a fan of bacon lips. The Templar is more suited to medium and small builds, that is where I found it best.

The included 810 is a waste IMO, too small unless you use cool builds. I almost immediately swapped out the 810 for others I have. They do include a frosted bullet cap that has a non adjustable airflow that is directed at a downward angle. I tried it, not crazy about it but at least it doesn’t get hot, much prefer the normal top cap.

Squonk nation!

Building on the Templar is pretty easy, since it clamps down instead of from the side I did not have use use posts in my coils, just held both in place with my fingers and screwed it down. I tried a lot of builds including single strand 26g wire and it all held in place securely. Make sure you don’t clamp down too hard as it might be a pain to get open again. A deeper juice well would have been nice but then again it is a small RDA meant for flavor chasing so that can be forgiven. Being a side airflow RDA you can still get a decent amount of drops in it but I definitely preferred it in squonk mode, that was my jam. No complaints squonking with it, that would be the only way I would use it personally as there are better choices for a straight up dripping RDA.

Flavor…pretty damn good I would say with flavors that don’t require a lot of heat to bloom. Being that it is so small a hot setup is not fun. I found myself using it in TC mode a lot to get the best performance, in power I did not like it as much as it would just heat up too much for my chain vapin ways.

It is decent on the clouds but just not a cloud chucker, it wasn’t designed that way.

I really wish there was a single coil option for the Templar, sure I could install a single coil but no way to have just one airflow open. That would have made it more versatile but it is not to be. Still it is a little flavor chucker and with the ease at which I can throw a build in it I might keep it around for flavor testing but I tend to use single coils RDA’s for that.

Would I buy another Templar RDA if I lost this one? Probably no. It is not a bad RDA by any means but it falls in between what my needs are for an RDA. I either use single coil RDA’s for testing flavors and bigger dual coil RDA for a mix of flavor and clouds. The Templar is right between those 2 though admittedly I have been using it to test flavors the last few weeks. I do love it on a squonk though, just not the biggest fan for dripping. Can’t say I haven’t enjoyed it though and it has sat on various squonk mods over the last 3 weeks and I keep grabbing for it. I just feel there are better RDA’s out there for me, that might not be the case for you though and you want something right in the middle, the Templar just might be it for you.


  • The finish on the V200 is still perfect after more than a months use
  • Easy to operate once you figure out where the hidden fire button is to turn it on
  • Auto mode to set a proper wattage dependent on the load
  • V mode which gives an quicker ramp up time
  • Bypass mode with protections in case you want to pretend it is a mech mod
  • Time to fully charged shown on the screen when charging
  • Hidden button nice and clicky and rotary dial works perfectly
  • Templar RDA is a little flavor chucker
  • Easy to build on
  • Comes with 2 top caps
  • Top caps are notched to correspond to the tabs on the deck to line up you airflow


  • No TC on the V200
  • Display needs to be on for the Auto function to work correctly
  • V mode reverts back to 10 watts everytime you change tanks
  • Battery door could be more secure
  • 510 raised so any tank over 25mm will have a gap
  • Does not do 200 watts, more like 160ish
  • Included 810 drip tip is too short, bacon lips with hot builds…mmmmm…bacon
  • Adjusting the airflow is a little too tight and near impossible to see

Final Thoughts

The Augvape V200 is a well built mod and the beautiful finish has held up great, only scratch in where the battery door latches and once closed it can’t be seen. Not a true 200 watt mod, more like around 160 max but how many people vape that high? Even though I was not interested in it at first having used it for more than a month it is a cool mod that I have enjoyed. The lack of TC is a bummer for me but hey, I can happily vape in power mode and never felt I was missing out while using it. The battery door does concern me a little even though it hasn’t worked it’s way loose yet, I just wish it was a little more secure. Usually when I finish a review I already know if the product will remain with me or given to a friend or sold. I am going to keep the V200 around though, I really like the looks and the cons are small enough that they don’t bother me too much.

With the Augvape Templar RDA I am on the fence. It is easy to build on and has very good flavor which are pros but it just falls between my single coil flavor RDA’s and larger flavor/cloud chuckers. I really have no use for the frosted clear cap it comes with and the low profile 810 was swapped out almost immediately. I have no doubts that some people will really like the Templar though, it all depends on what is important to you. For now the Templar is sitting on my Pulse 80W squonk mod and I do enjoy that combo. I actually wasn’t liking the Templar until the Pulse 80W showed up, haven’t felt the need to put another RDA on it…hmmmm, maybe it will stay that way, time will tell.

More info can be found on Augvapes website:

Check out how this stacks up to other tasty gear and meet the Steampugs team of reviewers. Your bound to have a good time and read up on some great products, not so great ones too


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Thanks for the awesome review. I’ve been looking at both of these so your info is very helpful.


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I took a look at other reviews last night and found out that the Auto mode is new, previous versions just had normal mode on the V200. The Templar also used to come with a ultem plug for single coil use but Augvape confirmed they no longer include it as it would heat up too much.

Let me know what you think if you get them.