Auguse Era V3.1 RTA


Welcome to my review on the Era V3.1 RTA. The 3rd rendition in the ERA line up from Auguse.

What’s in the box?

Inside you get the ERA V3 RTA , Spare Pyrex Glass,

A bag containing a Tri tool, Spare O-rings and a whole host of AFC pins.


Size : 22 mm×H36.3mm(without drip tip) or H57.3mm (with drip tip)
Weight : 53g
Material : SS, PCTG, Pyrex Glass
Capacity : 4ml
Colours : Matt Black & Silver



  • Bottom fill design
  • Side Airflow
  • MTL and RDL AFC options
  • Included drip tip has 3 layers of heat sink


Aesthetically, the V3 keeps with the Era design style with side airflow, knurling and subtle branding. The top cap is part of the 3 stage heat sync design. The deck is a push fit design with excellent o-ring tolerances. There are marking arrows on each side to help you align the deck.

The tank section separates easily with that grippy knurling, and I can report that the glass section stays in place well with very good o-ring tolerances. The threading is excellent on the chimney section, securing it to the deck chamber housing with a chunky o-ring to prevent any leaking on to the deck.

No juice flow control and old school bottom fill with a gravity feed system onto your wicks, which works very well indeed. The side airflow system directs air to either side of the coil.

The V3 comes with no less than 7 sets of AFC Pins

  • 2x0.8mm
  • 2x1.0mm
  • 2x1.2mm (Pre-installed)
  • 2x1.5mm,
  • 2x1.8mm
  • 2x2.0mm
  • 2x2.4mm

You can easily swap them out on the fly by unscrewing them. Dialling in your preferred airflow couldn’t be easier.

One sidenote to mention, the included AFC pins do not come with the o-rings installed, and getting them on there can be a bit of a faff. I found that slipping the rubber o-ring on to a set of tweezers and slipping it on to the AFC pin works a treat, see below.

The Deck

The deck consist of a 4 post design. With Philips head screws and inlets on the posts to traps your coils legs. This design allows the instillation of coils irrespective of which way they are wrapped.

The deck has raised channels to tuck your wick into also acts as a guide to rest your coiling tool on to align and tighten your coil in place when building.


No included coils or cotton came with my review sample, so I installed a simple dual-core fused clapton and trimmed my wicks off at the end of the wicking channels.


So how does the V3 perform?. First off, I went with the pre-installed 1.2 mm AFC configuration and first impressions are that the airflow is very smooth. The flavour is excellent, giving a nice throat hit and producing decent vapour.

I swapped out the AFC pins to 2.4 mm configuration and cranked up the wattage. This RTA does not disappoint. A buttery smooth RDL vape with the largest AFC pins in and great flavour. No wicking issues, leaking or dry hits, this RTA just performs. Lastly I tried the 0.8 mm AFC pins and I can report that it’s a tight pleasant MTL draw with the right amount of throat hit.

Final thoughts

Straight up, another cracking release from Auguse. Solid build quality, with an old school filling method. Capacity is great at 4ml and the included drip tip is very comfortable to use. The deck is easy to build on, and multiple airflow options produce a very good vaping experience indeed.

I would like to thank Auguse for sending the ERA V3 RTA for review, and I hope you enjoyed reading my thoughts on this one.


That’s a cheap mod


Very cheap :rofl:


This thing really catch’s the eye. My $wheels$ are spinning on picking this up. Good review, and great close-ups, too.


Thank you


Great review, thank you @Daredevil. So am I right in assuming that the wicks just lay on top of those coil rod guides instead of actually being tucked in somewhere because I can’t see anywhere that they could be tucked in?


That’s correct Jimmy, similar to the bishop the eLiquid is gravity fed on to the wicks. It works very well.