Atemporal boro great flavour

Had a couple of weeks of using it and have to say its now my go to boro tank. Can easily take 3mm coils, handles 50w no problem and flavour is awesome. Not tried mtl but for a loose rdl (if that’s even a thing!) it’s great.

Uses mesh ropes in an rdta format (mine were preinstalled with spare mesh in the box). Unfortunately this brings me to the one drawback - the doors. As the coil is at the top of the tank the airflow on most boro mods doesn’t work. So you either buy new doors (pulse, cthulhu and boro are available) or do what I did and make your own. Apart from that I definitely recommend giving it a try.


Yep had mine about a week I went with the ambition doors only prob I got is that you have to change your hand position as I’m use to vaping it bottom air flow