Aspire SkyStar visits with Ogre


Well done Ogre!! Just curious what you said at the end? I’m guessing, good bye or until next time. Anyway stellar review , I enjoyed the video!!


I really enjoyed this one. It seems like the market is flooded daily with new mods which I would have no interest in owning. That’s not the case here and I was particularly impressed with how in TC it brings it up to temp quickly and regulates at whatever ‘ceiling’ is set. That is how I want TC to work so yeah, I may have to have one of these. I also liked how you skipped over the box shit. Who cares about a freaking box. (please don’t answer, I know some do):crazy_face: Nice job.


Nice review!
Dig the new “magic fade in” into the chair. :laughing:

A few personal observations if I may…

A. It’s impressive that it actually has a strong enough boost circuit to hit the 218w mark! (that’s a pretty nice advance for a chip in use by one of 'the big manufacturers", but I’ve kind of held Aspire in higher regard than Eleaf, Wismec, etc for a little while now.)

B. One trend I’ve kind of started to notice in the “specs side” of your reviews is that you’ve gone through the “max achievable” for the 4 given test coils: 0.18, 0.27, 0.53, 1.03.
While this is nice… I would like to suggest carrying that just a step further. The reason being, I’m curious to know if it’s a result of the “brick wall” effect, or if there’s scaling going on.

What I mean by this is: "Is the chipset is as accurate as it ‘appears’, or is there a funky effect that you have to keep in mind (as an end user).

To illustrate what I’m trying to say, let’s use a frame from your video. The most obvious choice (to make use of the ‘widest gap’) is the “1.18ohm” coverage at 12:40 into the video. Even though you had the device set to max output (210w), and you achieved 9.64v out of it (again, amazing) it had a cap of 79w. If you take the mod settings down to 79w, using the same “1.18ohm” coil… Are you in fact going to observe the same traits (and output)? If yes, then that’s what I was referring to as the “brick wall” condition, and IMO, would be the ideal functioning of a chip. If it scales down, and you don’t get the same results, then that to me would be worth knowing, as it would seem to be indicative of “strange things afoot”.

But there’s also a second phenomena going on with the “accuracy” of reading the coils (where you saw the gap between 1.03 being read at 1.18) to keep in mind. In which case, I would probably lean more towards trusting whatever test results you get during the 0.53 comparisons. (seen at 12:22 during the 210w test, with 9.32v, with 174w actual output)

Honestly, this is all for rather “educational” purposes, as IMO the only use for a 1ohm coil is MTL. And there’s no sane reason I can think of for any MTL user to be anywhere remotely near 80w.
However, to me (in my way of thinking) it may point to other aspects worth looking into in areas that it may apply (of things to look out for). All depending on results above of course. :wink:

For the record, this isn’t the first mod I’ve thought about this, but it is the first time I’ve shared the thought.

What do you think my good man?
Worth trying?


Thank you @Eddie! Much appreciated! You are correct, I said good bye in Italian, german, and russian. You knew that all along!


Glad you enjoyed it @mrpipes! It does do a nice job with the TC. Not quite as nice as your Smoant’s (IMHO) but damn close. Yes sir, I took some liberties since I bought the thing. I agree, it’s a friggin box for God’s sake. But I’m sure you are right, some will miss it.


Very much appreciate the extended commentary @Sprkslfly! I do like the concept of testing those “ceiling” outputs to see if they are held throughout the entire upper range. I kind of doubt they are just due to the the one test I did with the .17 Ω coil at both 210W and 100W. The 210W setting was high and the 100@ low. So for sure there is a non linear scaling of some sort happening. Obviously I’m not sure how that translates at voltage saturation and in this case above. I will do these extended tests and get back to you. For the video itself I feel compelled to keep it short, you know “if you’re gonna make a hit, you gotta make it fit and you cut it down to 3:05”. Moreover, I do agree, I would rather see hit a brick wall limiter and hold than perform non linear scaling. Having said that for the average user real world experience that number labeled watts is rather arbitrary and at least relative. Start low and work up till it’s hot enough.


I almost started to say “I’m not implying you should mess with the video” or something similar.
But I’d hoped you’d infer that from my “it’s more for academic…” comment.

Sorry if you thought I was implying it “fell short”. That wasn’t intended in any way. You continually do great work man!


Not at all. I was absorbed in thinking about your observations.


Great review as usual @SmilingOgre and a great looking mod you have there. I assume the fancy looking pen for the touchscreen was not included?

Oh but I will :laughing:
I 100% agree on that one and never understood the elaborate box reviews. As long as it protects the item inside from damage during shipping I couldn’t care less :roll_eyes:


Thanks Jose! The pen was free. One of those promotional gift ad, thingies. Wonderful tool for Ogres with Ogre fingers.


Thanks for the review, Aspire have been in the game for ages, I used to own a pen mod made by them, the speeder is also a really nice mod.


Thanks for the watch! I agree with the speeder. Find myself using that a lot. Decent company in my books.


An exceptionally groovy review Mr. Ogre! That sure is a stylish and classy mod.


Thank you my friend. Those are my thoughts as well. Not hard to look at, at all.