Aspire Mixx Side by Side

It looks like Side by Sides are finally making their comeback. Me thinks I’m liking this. It has that Dicodes kind of simplicity and spartan (there’s that word again) look. Aspire Mixx by Sunbox.


Pardon my yin to your yang here…

I can’t stand that type of battery door, and I think the lcd on the bottom is a massive design flaw just begging to be damaged.

Other than that, it’s a beautiful mod (aesthetically speaking)!

I feel like I shouldn’t be raining on the parade, but, it’s my honest impression.


No worries, it’s not my favorite battery door either. The OLED screen is recessed enough to be protected and OLED has the advantage of flexible plastic substrates among other advantages. Still, it might not be everyone’s cup of tea.

For vapers who seek out new SbSs at a reasonable cost this is a good choice. Aside from the scarce lower end SbSs, an aficionado is looking at the $200 - $400 range.

Step back to a few years ago and side by sides were all the rage - this one looks to be a bit more advanced with more options but seriously an 18350 as an option is a bit meh - I can see a 21700/20700/18650 as being good options but I doubt an 18350 would set my socks on fire.


18650 is an option. The tube has 2 pieces. You can remove one section to accommodate an 18350 for those who like to carry small mods in their pockets. Personally, I would never do that.

Off topic, but speaking of NOT favorite battery doors, the Paranormal door uggggg.

Not mine, but lost more than a few due to this slide-to-lock design …

People have complained of their Dovpo Topsides having batt door issues. I haven’t used mine enough but it supposedly happens after 2 weeks - 5 months use.


I guess I got lucky then. :wink:
My black one has been in daily use for over a year, and the blue one for around 6mos… Both are flawless.


I’m encouraged to hear about successful Topside battery doors.