Aspire Boxxer Kit


Welcome to The Aspire Boxer review, Aspire. An all new 18650 battery mod using the all new AF tank.

What’s in the box

Inside the packaging you get

  • Aspire Boxxer Mod

  • Aspire AF Tank

  • 1 pre-installed AF Coils, A 0.4Ohm

  • USB Type-C charging cable

  • Spare O-rings

  • User Manual


The Kit measures - 129 × 39 × 28.6 mm

Tank Specifications:

  • Drip Tip: 510 replaceable drip tip
  • Tank Capacity: 4.0 mL
  • E-liquid Filling: Push-to-open top fill
  • Airflow: Rotate to adjust airflow
  • Compatible with AF series coils:
  • AF Meshed Coil 0.4 Ω (20-28W)
  • AF Meshed Coil 0.6 Ω (15-18W)
  • AF Meshed Coil 1.0 Ω (12-15W)
  • Dimensions (Including drip tip): 28×50 mm

Mod Specifications:

  • Mod Dimensions: 84×39.5×28.5 mm
  • Battery Compatibility: External single 18650 battery
  • Output Mode: WATT / VOLTAGE / BYPASS / TC / CPS
  • Output Wattage Range: 5-80W / 0.50-8.40V
  • Adjustable Temperature Range: 200-600℉ / 100-315℃
  • Recommended Resistance:0.08-3.5 Ω
  • Continuous Fire Time:10s
  • Charging:Type-C, 2A
  • Screen:0.96” TFT colour screen

I received the Black coloured version of the Boxxer kit, and there are 5 other colours to choose from.

Silver, Blue, Green Fade, Pink Fade, Fuchsia

AF Tank

The tank is 22.7 mm at the base and swells out to 28 mm with the pre-installed bubble glass. There is an overhang, so if the mod tips over you are likely to crack that glass. Again No 2 ml version of the glass tank included in this review sample. I’m not complaining as the capacity is 4 ml.

I am happy to see chunky knurling on the base and on the AFC adjustment ring, which is buttery smooth. The AF tank is dual top airflow, but the air travels down the metal struts and enters the coil at the bottom via the 4 drilled holes on each side, very clever indeed.
The coils are easily installed by simply pushing snugly up into the tank.

Up top, you have a slide to fill lid which is marked by a red triangle. I encountered no issues when filling, as the fill port is large enough to accommodate bottle nozzles with space to spare and there is an air pressure relief valve at the rear of the sliding top cap. There is a removable 510 drip tip so you can use your preferred drip tip.

AF Coil

Only one coil included in this kit, the 0.4 Ohm mesh AF coil rated at 20-28 Watts. It is used in many other Aspire products such as the Flexus range, The Riiil X and in the New Raga Pod in the Raga kit. There are a further two AF coils available for this tank, the 0.6 Ohm & 1.0 Ohm.

I have tested this coil in my previous review on the Rover Kit and just to reiterate this coil works very well in this tank. At 28 Watts you will hit 1000 puffs no problem and every one will taste as good as the first.

The Boxxer Mod

The Boxer mod comes in a matt finish and is made from lightweight material. It uses a replaceable 18650 battery, not included… The battery door is held on with magnets, and you remove it by simply pulling on the tabs labelled Boxxer on either side of the battery door. These indented tabs serve as a space to easily grab and replace the battery, a nice design touch Aspire! On the inside, there are engraved clear battery orientation markings.

On the front you have a nice clicky fire button with the Aspire logo on there, A bright clear 0.96” TFT screen which displays

  • Battery level in progress bar and percentage
  • Lock / Unlock symbol
  • Power mode
  • Wattage
  • Volts
  • Amps
  • Ohms
  • Puff counter

Below the screen, you have a Mode +and - buttons. There is also USB Type C port provided for a 2A charge – but it is not recommended to continuously charge your battery in the device, just pick up an external charger people.

Up top, you have a solid 510 plate and this device will accommodate a tank up to 26 mm with no overhang. No industry standard 5 clicks on/off of the power button on. Instead, on the bottom you have a power toggle switch to turn the device on and off, I think it was the Zelos 3 mod that had the same power toggle if I remember correctly.


The Boxxer features plenty of modes, including Variable Wattage, Variable Voltage, Bypass, CPS, and TC modes. The output is specified as 5-80W (0.5-8.4V) and you can adjust the output with various user modes such as It also has added safety of Aspires ASP Chipset for built-in protection against and abnormal battery related malfunctions.


  • To lock/unlock the mod, press the fire button 3 times
  • To lock the adjustment controls hold the + & - buttons, the mod will still fire
  • To adjust the screen brightness, hold the fire and - button
  • To enter the menu interface hold the M button for 3 seconds

Final thoughts

The kit performed well during testing. No issues or cons to report with Boxxer mod. It feels good in the hand and the matt finished material has a grippy feel to it. The flexibility of having an 18650 device always is a plus. The AF tank is easy to refill and AF coils as we know produce great flavour and have good longevity. The total package will appeal to the vaper who value both aesthetics and performance.

I would like to thank Aspire for sending the Boxxer Kit over for review, and I hope you enjoyed reading my thoughts on this one.


I must admit I’d like to see an rba version, especially after the good job tit with the aspire Nautilus prime rba means there’s plenty of room for products. But I must admit it looks like a tidy decent bit of kit. I feel I’m more of a mod person then I aio anyway,


I agree, an RBA coil would serve this tank well.


Well done. Thanks @Daredevil !


Thank you mate


Thank you @Daredevil, excellent review. I also agree about having an RBA section available but I would like that feature for all tanks and it’s the reason why I only use RTA’s unless it has an RBA.


Thank you Jimmy, yes here’s hoping there will be an RBA coil for the AF tank.