Aspire AVP-CUBE Review by Aliraonz

The review today will be for the AVP Cube, sent to me by Aspire. There is a lot to like about this nice-looking device and I know it will please MTL vapers, I will explain more later. As always, I am happy to share relevant information and my personal opinions with our vaping community.
First some information taken from Aspire website. Picture attached.

Here is the link in case you want to know more

Inside the Box

  • Aspire AVP-Cube device (1300 mAh)
  • Pod (3.5 ml)
  • Mesh Coil 0.65Ω
  • Standard Coil 1.15Ω
  • USB Type C Cable
  • User manual


The colour of my AVP Cube is navy blue, made of aluminium alloy and PCTG for the pod. As the name suggested the shape of this device is a cube.

At the front it has a very comfortable fire button, the shape is square with rounded edges, slightly raised and has texture to it, and Aspire branding at the bottom. The green arrow is show the white dot which will indicate which airflow is being used, more of this a bit later on, the next side it has the USB type C for fast charging at 2A, on the next side at the bottom AVP-CUBE and the last side is clear. It good to see at the bottom of the device vents holes for the internal battery (1300 mAh).

On this device they provided four different airflow options, one of each side of the device. It ranges from 0 holes, 2 holes, 4 holes and 8 holes. To select or change the airflow the user just needs to rotate the pod matching the side of the pod with the white dot with the airflow desired.

The airflow ranges from a very tight MTL with some options to make it slightly lesser tight. Especially when using the standard 1.15Ω coil. When using the Mesh 0.65Ω coil one can achieve a very restricted direct lung with 4 holes but mostly with 8 holes airflow selected. Worth mentioning that 6 holes would have been a good addition to give RDL and loose MTL vapers a bit more choices.

To on and off the mod press fire button five times. When using the standard 1.15Ω coil you can select the wattage by pressing the fire button twice, red light 10W, blue light 12W, green light 14W and white light 16W. When using the Mesh 0.65Ω coil the device will work on bypass mode so there is no wattage to be selected.

When firing the device, the LED light will light up, colours will indicate battery level, red (60-100%), then blue (30-60%) and finally red (under 30%). It has a 1300 mAh internal battery that can be charge using the USB C provided (2A Charge), it charges in around an hour.

This is a very solid device, nice feel on the hand with the cube shape and fires instantly.


The pod connects to the device top metal inner ring by two strong magnets. The pod will not come off by itself. It also used standard 510 drip tip so it can be changed to your preferred drip tip which is a big plus in my opinion.

The pod can hold 3.5 ml of juice (2ml for TDP version), it is lightly tinted, is quite easy to see the liquid level. It has bottom fill by using a rubber plug. If you fill with bigger bottles (100 ml) is better to do it slowly.

The coils provided in the box are:

Always remember to prime the coils, press fit the coil in the pod, fill with juice of your choice and let it sit for at least 10 minutes. Just to make sure the coil is fully saturated.

I started with the standard 1.15Ω coil (white) this is in my opinion a true MTL coil not quite my preferred style, but I do think MTL vapers will be happy.

Then I tried the Mesh 0.65Ω coil (light blue), for me depending on airflow selected MTL but I can happily do a very restricted DL with 4 holes, but my preferred airflow setting is 8 holes. Both coils give excellent flavour.

In my opinion this device does MTL very well with the coils available and different airflow options. When it comes to RDL vapers only the Mesh 0.65Ω coil will work from 4 holes to mainly 8 holes selected. I wish there could have been a 6 holes option for RDL vapers and those who like a loose MTL.


  • On point flavour.
  • Excellent construction and nice finish. It feels very solid.
  • Comfortable to hold and can stand by itself.
  • Replaceable coils just press to fit and ready to use.
  • No need to replace the pod.
  • Can use any 510 drip tip.
  • Strong magnets.
  • Fast firing and charging.
  • Very easy to use.
  • No leaks.
  • Very suitable for MTL vapers


  • More airflow options for the Mesh 0.65Ω coil for the RDL vapers.

In conclusion, I would really recommend the Aspire AVP-CUBE without a doubt. It will be an excellent choice for MTL vapers and those who like a very restricted DL. Solid device and it does look nice. Relatively small carry around device. I am liking mine with 8 holes airflow selected and the flavour is on point. Overall a great pod system.

I want to thank Aspire for providing this device for the purpose of this review.


Great review of a clean looking setup @Aliraonz.


Thanks @SessionDrummer :wink:

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