Anyone have SFT notes on (INW) Bilberry?

Hello, I’m new around here and I have tested the (INW) flavour Bilberry, yes I did SFT it but I believe at 3% I may have gone overboard. I can’t even locate this flavour ATM I don’t think I would have thrown it out in fear of it. But I hear it can add spice to a custard recipie. I already posted the custards I have but what im looking for is more pepper im my custard flavours. I have (FA) custard and it seems to go in the right direction for me that way. Do I just order some black pepper concentrate? And what the hell would I even put that in a recipie at?? Is that a thing? So really I have about 3 quiestions in this post. Help please

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I can’t help with this one @ladycrooks not a lot of info out there, and SFT rates are all over the map. I do see mention of INW Shisha Bilberry, same thing ?

I also saw mention(s) that this MAY have been one of the ones “reformulated”.