Any idea on these Juice Factory Super Concentrate starting percentages

Hey guys,

So, I got a couple of Juice Factory super concentrates a while back. They are:

Cheesecake (SC) (Juice Factory)
Vanilla Custard (SC) (Juice Factory)

There is not much detail anywhere on either of these, though I know one mixer has used the cheesecake but thought he may have had a bad bottle as at 3% he thought it was quite tasteless. The Vanilla Custard meanwhile has no notes I have seen at all.

Has anyone else used either of these, and if so, any ideas where I should start with these two so I have a base point?


They are rebranded something but I can remember, I think @woftam knows a few. I have forgotten what they are and that might help.


Thanks @lukeloop. I think @woftam said something about them being rebranded elsewhere, but not sure where that was. I have sent a message to Juice Factory to ask what they recommend as a starting percentage.

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I am sorry I cant help you with those 2 but the ones I have used are all around 1% some under some a little over I would try them at 1 as an SF to get a feel for them mate.


Thanks Simon, will do a test at 1% and another at what Juice Factory recommend if it’s different.


So, Tom from Juice Factory got back to me with the following…

“For the JF SCs I recommend between 2.5-5% depending on your preference and hardware. I usually end up somewhere around 3%. You’ll also need to let the juice breath after mixing (leave the cap off and tip out for 72hrs giving it a shake every 24hrs or so, out of reach of children and pets of course) to make the flavour shine.”

Sounds quite high for supposed SC flavours and I always though leaving the top off was a no-no. Looks like I will need to do multiple testing on these two…


Damn cap off - they knows better than that surely

It basically says use less if you are leaving the cap on


Yeah, I thought that was strange. I once accidentally left a screw top cap open on a Suicide Bunny mix and it was nearly a week before I noticed. Seemed to make the flavour muted and a bit muddy after that.