Any Hellvape vertex MTL RTA owners int the house?

How did you manage to part the top (glass/flue/cap/tip assembly) from the base?

The manual says: twist acw and pull, but then the AFC ring comes off in your hand and the rest of it – glass and all – goes flying across the room. (Thank goodness for foam insulated walls and a convenient waste basket.)

With the AFC off, there’s even less to grip.


Dunno how this forum feels about replying to one’s self, but in the absence of anyother repies, I have found a solution.

  1. Remove the cap from the Vertex (by holding the glass tube still and rotating the cap anticlockwise).
  2. Remove the AFc ring from the base of the RTA by pulling straight down.
  3. Invert the Vertex and carefully slide the refill slots over the points of a pair of needle nosed pliers.
  4. Take a wooden/plastic toothpick and insert it into one of the larger air holes in the base.
  5. hold the pliers/cap assy still whilst rotating the toothpick anticlockwise.

With luck (and in my case 6 broken tooth picks), you’ll manage to get the base to move relative to the glass/cap assy.

Once undone, the addition of a (tiny) drop or two of juice to both the thread and the o-ring,prior to reassembly, will (hopefully) ensure that getting them to move next time is a less injurous and elaborate process.


Oh, I talk to myself all the time, @anon79121637 :grin: Sound’s like you got it sorted out by doing so , too! :ok_hand: