Annual Resolutions and Appeals

As it is a new year, according to Gregorian reckoning, we all have resolutions and hopes on your mind.

For me, it is trying to get the meek to be more aggressive, and to create a charity to aid those overly exposed to politics.

We all have our own hopes, goals, and dreams - what’s yours?


I feel that the year should make a resolution to me to be less shit.


We tried that on New Year’s Eve 2020 and the world threw a tantrum in the first week.

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Also, today felt like I was being kicked up the arse to be harsher regarding Healing, Prosperity, and Deliverance ministries as an afront to God and the most disgusting tax-free cons around.

Even after decades of deceit, lies, and the deaths of many poor people which has been exposed again and again - Sadly the same shit continues.

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