An update on my daily drivers and how they are fairing

Just to be different I thought I would do a rundown on how my daily mods are going. Here we have a Grus, a Odin 100, a Aegis Solo and a Drag X Plus. Hopefully, this may be helpful for anyone looking to get a mod for themselves.

Lost Vape Grus mod.

116,050 puffs.

The Grus is a great looking mod. When new, this looks like a high end mod and is certainly not out of place in the Lost Vape line up.

Taking a 21700 battery you would think this would have battery life for days doing MTL vaping, however it is not the case. The battery life is not too bad, but is only comparable to other mods I have with 18650 batteries so it is not great. I only use Vapecell inr21700 4000mah batteries in this mod and they only last for a day normally.

Wear and tear wise, for a mod that has done over 100,000 puffs it has held up quite wwell. There is wear on the black finish at the top and bottom of the wood insert on both sides, and also some light scratching from my wedding ring and other rings. It still looks good and people still comment on it when they see it.

My main issue has always been the consistent miscalculation of coil resistance, especially apparent with MTL coils at higher ohms. It can deviate by 10% or more, always lower than the actual reading, and thus needs to be run at a higher wattage than it should be. Not a deal breaker but annoying nonetheless.

All in all, I am quite happy with this mod and how it has handled itself so far.

Dovpo Odin 100 mod.

87,500 puffs.

This mod has never left my house, it is strictly a home mod and will stay that way. In matt black finish, this is a very nice looking mod. It has a stealthy, blacked out look to it that hides it’s size quite well.

The 21700 battery in this mod last me for around 2 days. I only use the grey Samsung 30T 3000mah batteries but run fairly low wattage.

Wear and tear has been excellent on this mod. There is not a single blemish anywhere on the finish. For a black mod, I was expecting some wear on the sides and rear at least due to contact with rings, but there is not a single mark on it.

Very happy with this mod and recommend highly.

Geek Vape Aegis Solo 100W mod.

Around 70,000 - 75,000 puffs.

I actually have two of these and they are my main going out mods. They get thrown around, constantly in pockets and rattling around in the car.

Taking a 18650 battery, I expected the battery life to be quite short, especially since both are run in TC mode all the time. However, I am quite happy with how long they go for, usually around a day and a half. For mods I take out that is a really good outcome for me.

Wear and tear is also very good on these. No blemishes on the finish, but some micro scratches on the plastic screen. Being weather proof is a huge plus and they have been accidentally left in drizzly rain without any issues at all.

Great, hard wearing and good sized mods for out and about.

VooPoo Drag X Plus.

6,058 puffs.

This is the first VooPoo mod I have owned and I am finding it a bit of a mixed bag. The quality of build and finish seem quite good, it is very comfortable and quite small, however I have had some issues which have been a bit annoying.

First though, this takes a 21700 battery and I have been using a Samsung 40T 4000mah battry in it. Battery life is not too bad, around a day of constant usage at 14 watts.

Problems I have had include the mod changing mode without apparent reason, fire button sometimes doesn’t seem to register and the battery life indicator goes from 1/2 to empty in a matter of 20 - 30 puffs. Other niggles are the screen colours cannot be changed, you have to download and flash a new firmware to get TC mode and the branding on the mod is a bit over the top.

I know it only has 6,000 puffs on it, but as they were in 5 days I figure the wear and tear is useful. That said, there is none. It looks the same as when it came out of the box. Time will tell of course so we will see.

Overall, despite the issues I do like this mod so far.


I’ve been contemplating whether to buy a single batt. device, and while I haven’t decided yet(Yeah,I know time is short), the Grus and Aegis were two I was looking at. Thank you for this, Ian.


Pleasure @whthek . I like to share what I have found… :smile:


Nice detailed rundown @ianc13.


If you like a harder hitting mod I recommend the ehpro cold steel 100 (actually a 120). In normal mode it fires fast and gives a great hit. Love them and usually end up with only the cs120s in rotation eventually.


Good choice @Letitia. I do use a ColdSteel 100 with a Brunhilde MTL RTA, but it’s not currently in my daily rotation.


That’s exactly what I like @Letitia! I found a kit at Element Vape and have to reevaluate my finances after the spree I’ve been on in the past few days! Very nice looking though… compact and pocket compatible. Thanks for that :wink:


Take it from me @whthek, don’t look. :open_mouth:


Now Dman, that is not at all helpful :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: BUT I like your thinking :wink:

I can foresee myself picking up a couple more things…kinda like a (damn the torpedos,full speed ahead) mentality! That Ephro does look mighty nice.

I’ve got a Bulk RTA on it’s way and was hoping to find something close to a 28mm deck to sit it on.


Grus is 30mm from memory, I have a 24mm on it with plenty of room.

Ephro CS is only around a 25mm I think. I use a 23mm and there is a step but not a huge one.


Probably the best price is at sourcemore or if ft has a code. At ft try MAP or FASTTECH. At sourcemore you have to log in for cheaper price. I need to grab some black ones for the stash, mine are all siver.


Sourcemore has been reliable to do business with?


If overhang bothers you then the cs120 might not be for you. Asmodus has been having some great sales and the almighty is a good mod but I’m not a touch screen fan so mine will probably stay in the stash.


For me yes. Zero problems. They also aren’t able to take pp but you can use cc or follow the link to western union.


The V3 Aromamizers I’ve got coming would fit though…battery life is a thing too. I guess just carry a spare.

I got whacked with duty fees last year from Fedex and have been hesitant buying from overseas since. But these are desperate times…

I can live with overhang


From Fasttech: PayPal and Credit Card may be unavailable as e-cigarette sales are restricted. You may place orders using gift cards , or cryptocurrencies.


Just ordered, and had to use a GC.


Left sidebar on FT site…gift cert’s?


You can use pp to buy the gc. I fill my cart and buy a gc that covers order an shipping. Next time you make an order the gc that still has a balance will pop up.


Yes, gift cards.