All Europeans vapers need to act now against the new stupid report by Scheer for TPD3

We’re at it again, the European Union asked the SCHEER the “Scientific Committee on Health, Environmental and Emerging Risks” their opinion on Electronic Cigarette before legislating TPD3.

That study is absolutely a joke, but it will be taken as a base for legislation and update of the TPD3, herre it’s the link to the report:

scheer_o_017.pdf (

It is one of the worst report we could hope for after so many years of study and not a single death that can be pointed out to vaping.

What is really bad is that their conclusions are one thing and the body is another story…
They used old studies from 2013, they used Glantz studies that have been retired, they talk about second hand exposure to vaping, but they cancelled Burstyn’s study from the report and stupidly left it in the list of citations… they compare the US situation and projected it in the EU… made reference to WHO opinons without any scientific support, it’s really all sorts of things put together.
It all sounds like a very close deadline and they had to give the EU “**something” ** preferably against vaping and relegated the cleanup to a public consultation, which if this doesn’t get answered their report will count as good.

It’s up to us now to clean up the shit… we HAVE TO answer to the public consultation ending on the 26th.

Public consultation on electronic cigarettes | Public Health (

It’s an easy task but has to be done with some knowledge, I personally have uploaded 5 studies and comment.
The guidelins are
● The consultation closes on 26 October 2020 at 23:59 CET
● You MUST use the template supplied to upload your contribution.
● Only submissions directly referring to the content of the opinion and relating to the issues that the opinion addresses will be considered.
● You will need to upload evidence - as a file - to support your submission
● Comments must be submitted separately for each chapter or section that you wish to comment on.
● The dropdown menu for selecting the chapter or section is the full table of contents from the report
● You must indicate the line numbers for the text which your comment refers to
● The comment for each selected chapter / section cannot be more than 3800 characters.
● Comments must be in English
● Use polite and respectful language

You can find it at the following address:
EUSurvey - Survey (

I think whoever can do something please it’s time to do it now before the deadline.


Sharing this on fb… with my flvfan page… anything to help, @Iv3shf :+1:


Thank you @SmokyBlue really appreciate it!


there’s a petition at the followind address, please sign it, migh be nothing might be something, we can’t just leave it like that… thank you.


Signed and shared! :+1:


Thank you @Iv3shf.


Added two very important studies, you all probably know by now:
Polosa’s study on COPD where he states the EC can help pulmonary disease:

and the evaluation on youth respiratory symptoms where they conclude that:

The use of ECs alone was not associated with increased odds of experiencing wheezing episodes. Future studies incorporating the use of objective data appear to be needed to more accurately understand the potential respiratory harms associated with vaping among adolescents.

So much for those respiratory symptoms… there is no study… but it’s dangerous… ignorance is dangerous…