Alcohol Flavorings Notes


DV Absinthe - tasty herbal anise/liquorice notes, lack booze.

JF (juice Facory) Absinthe - herbal anise/liquorice notes, lack booze.

FW Absinthe - herbal anise/liquorice notes, lack booze.

TFA Absinthe - renamed plain anise.


SSM Beer - light beer, bland, and easy get covered in a mix.

SSM Malt Beer - malty, loose some of beernotes over the time.

INW Dark Lager - nice strong beernotes.

SSM Berliner Weisse - fruity, weak beernotes.


CCW Angostura Bitters - “herbal” citrusy mid bitter.

VTA Bitter - just “herbal” bitter.

VTA Tonic Water - quninie bitter, some bitter citrus.

FLV Back Bar Bitters - herbal, botanics, spice. mild type.


FA Brandy - is sweet, faint in boozy taste, great in cakes, sweetning, etc…

INW Brandy - have more of booze and oak taste.


TFA Kentucky Bourbon - is ok. a bit bland though. Nice sweetness, lack booze.

RF SC Bourbon - straight from casket, boozy, oakbarrel stored.

VTA Bourbon - nice boozy, tasty.

RF Aged Bourbon Cream - lovely thick cream with bourbon notes.

INW Whiskey - is middle with some boozec taste.

MB JD Whisky - is a nice Jack Daniels.

SSM Snake Bite Whisky - sharp boozy true notes.

VTA Scotch Whisky - quite nice, mid booze, mid oak.


SA Cognac - quite true, a bit weak though.

BigJuice Cognac - nice cognac tasty, nice sweetness, faint boozy.

VTA Cognac - sweetly, oakstored.


SSM Egg Liqueur - very close to a true Warninks advocaat.

INW Eggnog - have booze taste, mid spice.

FLV Eggnog - a bit bland, lighter one, nice spice.


FA Gin - is ok, lot of juniper true gin taste.

FLV Juniper Gin- nice smooth juniperfruity gin, lack some booze.

VTA Botanical Gin - botanical much, lack booze.


INW Brandy Cocoa - nice brandynoted cocoa, mid booze.liquor style.

VTA Coffee Liquor - ok liquor, weak in coffee.

SSM Curacao - little bit bland bur nice true in taste

SSM Orange Liqueur - nice, with some boozy taste.

SE Grand Mariner - orange citrusy, faint sweet. lack booze.

SSM Lychee Express - grape/lychee, lack booze.

CAP Grenadine- quite ok, a bit fruity, lack booze.

SSM Vapermeister - herbal liquor, lack booze.

INW Amaretto - strong almondy liquor, minor booze.

SSM Amaretto - almondy liquor, minor booze.

TFA Mexican Liquor - coffe, spice notes, lack booze.

INW Cherry Liquor - midnoted, lack booze, liquorsweet.

MB Baylis - a true touch sweetned baileys with boozy notes.

FA Irish Cream - sweetly creamy, lack bit booze.


SSM Arrak - rice/melasse spirit, lack a bit booze.sweet/tender bitter.

INW Shisha Punch - mulled, more a spice mix, no booze.


FA Jam.Rum - ok… also a bit weak on booze taste.

INW Jam. Rum - have more booze taste than FA.

TFA Jam. Rum - ok tasting, midsweet, a bit faint booze.

SA White Rum - is a light white “silver” rum.

MB Captain Rum - white rum, lack some booze.

WF Coconut Rum - coconut, mid boozy, oakstored.

VTA Gold Rum - fairly boozy, dark brown sugarsweet rum, oaky.


SA Tequila - never been close to mexico, not even in taste.

FLV Agave Tequila - best tequila at moment, lack a little of boozy note.

CCW Tequila - sweet brown type, lack booze


INW Plum Vodka - is good true vodka, with very faint plumnote in back.

VTA Russian Vodka - plain vodka, zubrowka-style,more "grassy/straw note in higher use.


CCW Marsala Wine - is a nice sweeter dessert wine.

TFA Mulled Wine - sweet red wine, spices, anise, citrus. ok, no booze, weak fermented note

FLV Moscato - lovely slight carbonated white fruity grapewine.

TFA Champagne - grapy, very minor fizz.

INW Sparkling Wine - little grapy, mid fizzy.