Aegis X Won't Turn On - Fix

So over the last few months, I have had a number of Aegis X Come back after failing to turn on or becoming finicky with which batteries they take. Try this before you put it on the shelf of shame.

Here is the fix.

This is what you need (ish) make sure the double-sided tape you use is fairly thick.

Gently pry off the contact plate (be careful not to bend it is very thin it can be straightened but try not to bend )

Stick one side of the tape to the bottom of the contact and trim around it with scissors or an Exacto Knife or both. I am sure you can be more precise than I was with the trimming

Stick it down to the door.

Job done! A 5 min fix to a design flaw in what is other than this a great mod.


So that’s the problem, thanks :tada: :tada: now this dumb ass pulled the contact off before I found the double sided tape and can’t find it. :man_facepalming:


Got mine fixed… Thanx @woftam… You da man :heart: