Aegis vs Fully Laden Tip Truck

So a few years back now I posted up some pics of an aegis legend vs a 20-ton excavator (image below) well here is an Aegis X vs a fully laden tip truck (probably around the 30ton mark I guess).

While it is fairly bruised and battered IT STILL WORKS and the batteries are able to be removed. While the Aegis x can have battery contact issues it is one tough SOB.


Remind’s me of the commercial…


This is my aegis solo. It stood the test of time for over 2 years, hundreds of drops and including being run over by a 3.5ton pickup, that not just run it over but actually parked on it for 10 minutes. The tank was the Berserker mini v1.5 with the metal replacement for glass. The ground was a mixture of sand and concrete in my works yard and the only damage it sustained was the tiny tare in the rubber shown and some sand down the drip tip. A quick wash under the tap and a re-wick and it was working again for over a year. Unfortunately that brave little soldiers board gave up after 2 years worth of abuse and I now have a ohm reading issue on it.


Try parking that truck back on top of it for an hour…that might set it right! :crazy_face: