Advice again please fine vaping enthusiasts


The Mrs bust her ecig and in an emergency has bought the innokin prism, however she is struggling to vape 70/30 juice, is there a better tank that would fit this pen style that would be better for her that doesn’t look stupid, wish she had just bought the freemax twister… And saved me a load of hassle



I don’t vape mtl maybe @Sprkslfly can help you out there?

The 70/30 juice can be thinned down with a few drops of distilled water to each tank (don’t overdo it)



My primary MTL tank (back when I was using that style) was the Aspire Nautilus Mini.

It handled 70v/30p relatively well, but I don’t think I’d try anything higher than that with it (from memory)…

I wish I could offer more help, and there’s been a lot of innovation since then… But, at the same time, there’s a reason it’s still on the market!
It’s a solid performer for the category IMO.

Maybe some others can/will offer additional insight/suggestions. But that’s my 2p worth! :wink:



Do you make your own builds or do you buy coils?..There’s loads of 22ml MTL tanks on the market now, The Innokin Zlide is meant to be a good MTL 22mm with pre mades, so too is the Innokin Zenith D22, and if you can make your own builds then the Digiflavor Siren V2 GTA is a 22ml MTL thats meant to be quite good and might be worth a look at, also the Ammit 22mm maybe :+1: