About mrpipes

I suppose most have noticed the changes from “mrpipes” to “guitarded.” My dog mrpipes was laid to rest today due to a very serious illness. I am devastated. He was my best friend for ten years. I know that many or most here know from experience how hard this can be.

The name and pic changes will likely be permanent. Right now the visual reminder is just too much for me but I felt like I should explain.

Edit: It is perfectly alright to refer to me now as “tard.” :grin:


Oh shit man i am so sorry - furry friends are harder to lose than some hooman family .


So sorry to hear, my deepest sympathy to you and your family my friend


A very sad day indeed, my thoughts are with you my friend.
We are always here for you, you know that.


I am so so very sorry for your loss brother.
When my best friend of 17 years past last year it floored me, but a friend said to me “All the unconditional love you get from your dog, you have to pay that back at the end”
So true.
Thoughts are with you man, keep your chin up :heart:


I am soo very sorry to hear that, that is so hard and so sad :cry: You got me crying now and it’s not even my dog.
My love to you and yours :hugs:


I am profoundly sorry to hear it.

And I would never call you ‘tard’, even if you wanted me to. That’s reserved for some very ‘special’ people.


Very sorry for your loss man.

So true.


Thank you Jim, and everyone else. It is true and believe me I’ve had to part with many humans and it is not the same. I lost a 1st cousin just last week. Sad? Absolutely, but in a different way.

Pipes was diagnosed with pancreatitis a couple of months ago and I tried to care for him 24/7 since. He did not respond to veterinary treatment or much of anything else. He could not process any food. I had him euthanized yesterday. While I’m tore up, I’m confident that it was the right thing to do.

Anyway, I very much appreciate the kindness and wisdom expressed from everyone. It helps.


So sorry for your loss…we have a dobie that is getting close, idk how my wife will deal with it, he is her baby…best wishes, and hopefully the joy of the holiday season can help to distract you:(