A new twist on an old problem- ebay purchases- warning

That sucks, I have no experience with eBay. Shipping fees to Europe are ridiculously high and defeats the purpose of buying anything cheap on the site.
Looks like I didn’t miss much.
Can’t you start a dispute at Paypal anyway and tell them you can’t go the eBay route first because they’ve removed the listing?


I had the same thing happen to me the item arrived but was a fake - i ended up having to call ebay and spend ages - i did get the coin back tho


You might still get your money through PP after the 10 days have passed.
It’s all a bit fishy, not a reference to you btw @anon96380778 :upside_down_face:
If the seller claims it’s not his item but has taken your money anyway you should be able to get it back.

I don’t know how banks work where you are but here you can have the money put back into your account after a payment has been made.
I don’t even have to go to the bank, I can do that online.


I think that’s reaching a little bit, at least at this point. But I do admire the Grassy Knoll approach. I like to use it at times, too. :sunglasses:

I don’t know a lot of people that would shrug off a 4 digit purchase, so I completely understand your stomach ache, my friend. I hope this is just an alarming misunderstanding and all works out.

I made a $500 laptop purchase online using PayPal via Walmart.com. I am glad I did (used Walmart rather than a small vendor, that is) because it arrived broken, miserably. Must have been a previous return because it was obviously not new as advertised. I returned it to the closest B&M, who accepted the return and said I should see it hit my PP account in a few days.

It never did. I contacted Walmart more than once and was told everything cleared on their end, and they processed the payment to my PP. Nope!! Since they claimed everything was through and done, they were of no further assistance. Pissed me off.

So I filed a complaint with PayPal, presented a copy of the original transaction along with the return receipt. They found in my favor and I got my money back. So I’m hopeful that with your evidence, even if this is a scam by the seller, PP will still step up and make it right. I figure, if they will stand up for me against someone like Wal-Mart, they will make it right by you, too.

What it doesn’t do is make it feel like justice, because there’s no guarantee PP will recover the funds back for themselves, which sucks.

I am not too happy with all the if’s and maybe’s coming from eBay, honestly.


I’m watching and praying you come out of this ok. You’re much braver than I regarding eBay. Most expensive item I’ve ordered was the homogenizer motor an that was like 250. Even that felt like a gamble.


Speaking of eBay and their oddities… My daughter opened an account recently. The purpose was simply to follow some auctions of a specific item, so she could see trends and watch how the bidding went. She did not list anything, nor did she bid or attempt to purchase and back out. All she did was “Watch” about a dozen items.

About three days after she opened the account, eBay notified her that the account was suspicious and promptly closed it, with notice that her email will never be allowed to create another account. She’s not yet reached adulthood so I monitor her activity, and I saw that she actually never did bid on, back out from, or list any sale items. I have no freaking idea why eBay said that.

This is the email she got. Italics are mine:

After reviewing your eBay account, recent activity has raised serious security concerns. As a result, we’ve taken the following action on your account:

-Your eBay account has been suspended indefinitely.
-Item listings have been removed (Remember, there were none and I verified that myself)

You won’t be able to use eBay in any way. This includes using another existing account or registering a new account. Any outstanding selling fees are due immediately, and any amounts you haven’t previously disputed will be charged to the billing method currently on file. (there is no billing account on file, of course)

We’ve taken this precaution to protect our members while making sure that the activity doesn’t cause harm- however unintentionally- to the eBay community.

Previous activity? The account was created a few days prior and did NOTHING but monitor some auctions like I said. And that email was definitely never used on eBay before. That seriously pissed me off.

Oh yeah, and get this… you won’t believe it, but eBay automatically uninstalled the eBay app from her phone!


I am in your corner here. I am fully convinced humans are being replaced by AI for high volume work, such as account monitoring and customer service chats. No one knows what flags she raised (honestly, there were none, just a poor arbitrary decision). While we are all but forced to use the internet for monetary transactions, we’re also increasingly subjected to the imperfect whims of AI.

I’m sure you are aware of the FakeBook issue with the robots creating their own language that the humans and designers themselves could not understand. Along your lines of so-called paranoia, I would like to see all AI advancements stop and actually legislate an end to it. All those silly science fiction movies and books actually will come to pass after all. I don’t think I’m weird for believing that either.


A.I. is scary shit and if it does run amok I don’t think there’s anything we can do to stop it.
Terminator springs to mind.
I know some people will laugh at that but hell, things are being created that no human really understands and you can’t fix what you don’t understand. So when it fucks up we’re screwed.



We could be an AI experiment gone wrong, who really knows?

I know this goes off into wild tangents and taboos, and I fully appreciate those who think they’ve just seen the final evidence that shows I’m a looney toon. I get that. I’m not slamming religion, I’m not intending to use it in any way here, nor do I intend for this to be political in any way at all.

All I do actually know, that does not delve into faith, is that I am here, you are here, and we are all muddling along here for some reason or another. I believe that we were created… that does not mean I profess any sort of faith. I just don’t see, in my little mind, how we all just happened. Nor do I see a reasonable explanation for how human intelligence is absolutely light years ahead of all other known life forms. To me, that didn’t just happen. Who did it, and how it happened- now that’s a sure debate point. Ever watch Ancient Aliens? Again, no tinfoil hat here, but there are some true oddities we can’t reasonably explain. Amazing coincidences, many yet to be discovered even.

Need a new thread?

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I don’t think that destroying your habitat for profit is a sign of intelligence. We have hands and can make tools and we have rational thought and we highly value that.
But it is those same tools we create that destroy us.

It is not the tools that are the problem but the people behind the tools. We pride ourselves on our technology but we’ve failed to evolve beyond the caveman mentality of grabbing what you can while you can and damn the consequences.

I believe that all life is intelligent and most lifeforms manage to live in harmony with their surroundings because they are very much aware that they are depended on their habitat for sustenance. I call that true intelligence.

We have a bunch of scientists with big heads who are only interested in what is possible.
When questioned about the ethics of what they do they say that’s not their field but should be handled by the legislators.

The legislators are another bunch of bigheaded assholes, totally clueless about everything and only looking for ways to fill their pockets and use the latest development to control the population.
Doesn’t matter which party, they’re all the same.

Those are the people that have to step up when things go terribly wrong :scream:

Nah, I think it’s on topic, a new twist on an old problem. It’s about not being able to speak to a real person but getting a machine instead, isn’t it?

A very large Amen to that :sweat:


Obviously I did not intend to bring religion into it. And obviously I knew that was nothing more than a futile disclaimer. I won’t tip my hand on my views on politics, or faith. That’s not relevant and I’ve no horn to honk in support of anything. Besides, it’s clearly quite incendiary, as witnessed by both your responses. So to avoid any possible damage, I recuse myself from that line. Yes, I know, I brought it up. Sue me.

The matters at hand- large corporate mishandling of consumers and the risk-infested use of AI- merit further vetting in my opinion. So let’s keep bashing Alexa and eBay!!! That I’m all for…


I wasn’t incensed, I was actually agreeing with you, apart from the bit about human intelligence.
That’s all I commented on. I left the creation stuff out because I didn’t disagree with it.

Please don’t keep your mouth shut because of me, I enjoy your comments immensely :grin:


We have religious zealots (in positions of power) that think the “end of the world” is coming, SO IT IS OK TO PILLAGE THE WORLD – why not, if “the world is ending”…

Those are the idiots that need to be removed from any type of decision making…

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My thoughts align well with yours. I worked with a USDA grade A genius in an R&D center centered on microbiology. He lived in an imaginary world. Call it theoretical if you like. The company used him his ideas to create patents solely for the purpose of blocking others from developing systems that might compete. None of his “processes” were ever pursued or developed. They were all beyond the current capacity of mankind to manifest. Common peoples interests were not his. He was not maniacal, but there was no relevance to human existence in his thinking. He had zero connectivity with the people around him.

Government is a parasite that must control it’s host to survive.


Sure, but is it because you’re entertained by the ramblings of a naive dolt, or is it because I’m sharp, clear-thinking, and handsome as the day is long? It matters, to me at least. :wink:


Those are some truly amazing accounting processes. Truly terrifying from every direction.


This message will self-destruct…snick! This message will self-destruct…snick! This message will self-destruct…snick!


Do not touch the knob on your radio. We are in control.


I am glad that’s resolved :+1: :sweat_smile:


Fortunately for me, no.
I’m very sorry to hear about your experience with this though. I’ve got pretty strong confidence in PayPal making it right (though it may take a bit).

Hoping for the best for you, including a quick and favorable resolution!