A little disappointed but all in all ok fine

I’m really used to being able to vape whenever I want to. Besides being home, my work environment is as such that there is little limitation regarding vaping. Went to my Grandson’s wedding over the last five days. Vaping in hotels is a PITA! I did it without setting off any alarms but it was not a relaxing experience. With the elevated anxiety of meeting and greeting and such I found myself wanting a lot of vape breaks and really felt like it was limiting my ability to enjoy the reception. The drive was a twelve hour drive and there were occasions where I wanted something other than a vape. Odd thing was that it didn’t equate to an analog. Almost like wanting a snack and nothing looked good. I think it equated to wanting more nic but I really enjoy not having the nic blasts as I found my stamina for driving was much greater. It was a twelve hour drive each way and my fatigue level was very low in comparisons to past trips. Vaping is a huge win in my books but I have to admit I expected more freedom from the activity. Maybe in the future.


I don’t enjoy d… vaping in hotels (I almost said I don’t enjoy doing it in hotels, but y’all would have probably pounced on that), because of the worry of smoke alarms. I’ve read about it but never experienced it, but it would be my luck. I don’t think hotels will ever get on the vape train, even if they become widely accepted, because of the liability. They’ll cite potential battery explosions and such, and for what its’ worth, there would probably be some uninformed yahoo who would light an 18650 in his pocket and burn a Hilton down.

But I do notice that driving long distances is actually easier when not puffing on analogs. I never thought of that connection before now.


:rofl: I’m convinced you’re right. Funny how people make decisions for each other. Bizarre creatures. But tasty!


I’m kinda tempted to be that uninformed idiot. Who doesn’t want to burn down a Hilton :laughing:

You can have the spoils when I do but I would leave Paris for the crows if she happens to be there, only bones and grizzle to be had there. :skull_and_crossbones:


Amen! That is one each U.S.D.A. grade A nasty thing. Between her and Lindsey Lowlife and Britney Spaniel, I’m beginning to think Hollywood is nothing but a slum trailer park.


Just beginning to think this??? :open_mouth::rofl:


Hilton’s always treated me well. (Not Paris, just the brand. I can honestly say I wouldn’t go anywhere near that lady). When I traveled incessantly for work, I always stayed there. The accumulated points always meant the family had free lodging on vacations. I sorta miss it. The routine of traveling kind of sucks after a while, but I miss seeing new places all the time. Got lucky enough to be in Helena Montana when it was -25 air temp! Apparently the wind chills were near -50. Still fun.