500 Members! Wooot!

@Steampugs @woftam Feel free to add to this post :smile:

We are just over 500 members strong as of today!

Massive thanks to our regulars who keep this place alive, your discussions are always a great read and I love seeing you all have a good time and really enjoying this space you have helped to create.

I never thought we would even get to 100 members when we first started this let alone 500, what an achievement we have all made, raise a glass, cheers! :beers:


Thank to you @grubby for providing a place for us to feel at home. Thanks to all our 500 for making this forum drama free and welcoming to all. Let’s keep this vibe. :hugs: :beer: :tropical_drink:


500!..sweet holy shit that’s more than 400…no really it is :flushed: IIIII know!..sounds utterly ridiculous but no less true!.. :face_with_monocle:

I’d like to thank each and every one (apart from about 7 or so) of our ‘almost as fabulous as me but not quite’ members…and I use the word ‘members’ suggestively. Without you bunch of easily persuaded, naive and dare I say…‘gullible’ reprobates, this place would quite literally be three questionable grown men exchanging dick pics…I mean it was fun for a while but THIS is better…sometimes.

But joking aside, it’s all down to the hard work and determination from mainly me, but also @Grubby and @woftam who pretty much do whatever I tell them to do when I tell them to do it, obviously I have to dumb things down a bit but generally…they’re doing pretty well I think.

But really really joking aside …no fuck it…everyone knows its all down to me anyway :man_shrugging:…but you’re all incredibly welcome :grimacing:…well…not all…but most :+1: :v: