$50 vaptio code


Vaptio are running a wheel of fortune scam and I won the $50 code. Since it comes with strings attached I won’t be using it and I’m willing to give it to anyone who wants it :slight_smile:

The strings attached are that you need to purchase at least $80 from their site to use it (and shipping is not included)

If anyone is interested, PM me :slight_smile:


I hate it when they do that, you’ve won something but you have to spend a shit load of money to get it.


Thus i’m giving my code away to anyone who wants to get some of their products :slight_smile:


It’s a $30 spend for $80 worth of stuff right?


$30 plus shipping on $80


I wouldn’t be interested because I have too much stuff already but is shipping to Israel extraordinarily high?


I have had two orders with Vaptio. Both times it was a flat $5.00 fee for shipping to the U.S.


I played around with their shopping basket and the shipping was between $5 and $15 depending on items in the basket. On each basket that was over $80 shipping was around $10 so I would have to spend $40 to use that code. The thing is, I don’t really need any of their stuff :slight_smile:


Understood. Its a screwy way to try to promote their products. I was just curious about shipping rates to your country.


Shipping rates to Israel are weird. From China it’s either free or very cheap, From UK it’s usually 5pound flat rate for almost anything. From US too expensive to use to begin with


That is pretty much universal. Shipping from US is insanely expensive wherever you are.


Unless you are in the US of course :smiley:

I often order stuff to a friends house in california. I’m there on average 4 times a year so I just pick it up