18650 6800mah Li-on flat head batteries

I’m looking for a battery charger, and found one that comes with 4 batteries.
I’m just worried that these 6800mah batteries will will damage my mod.


Generally speaking the higher the MAH the less amp draw they are capable of (vape mods need fairly high amp draw capabilities). I would never use a generic battery in a vape mod there are specific batteries for a reason (search mooch battery recommendation on google).

Those batteries are likely for a torch or something similar if you use them in your mod and they are a low amp draw battery you may not only explode your mod but also melt your face off.


Unless you can confirm exactly what they are I would NOT use them in a mod at all

On a side note there is no possible way an 18650 could have that sort of energy density 6800 mah is way too high for it to be true. Which is the first give away that they shouldn’t be used for vaping.


I totally agree with what @woftam has already said. My piece of advice is to never buy cheap no name batteries or chargers and always buy from a reputable source and NOT from places like eBay or Chinese websites etc. I can highly recommend XTAR chargers and Molicel batteries which are designed for vaping although there are some other good alternatives. It’s always worth paying as much as you can afford for a good charger and batteries because you could be placing yourself and others in a lot of danger if you don’t.


It’s not being torch batteries which is the issue as the vast majority of batteries used for vaping are exactly that in fact apart from Molicel as far as I know all other 18650 such as Samsung, Sony etc are torch batteries and many more like Vapecell, Golisi etc are just rewrapped Samsung, Sony etc batteries none of which are designed for vaping but who’s spec allow them to be used safely!

The problem here is as mentioned the high mah will mean low amp draw which make them dangerous for vaping but further to that I doubt any 18650 are going to give that sort of Mah so in my opinion what’s under the wrap is anyone’s guess so I would stay well clear of both batteries and charger!


The maximum mAh for an 18650 is around 3600. Cheap re-wraps often vastly overstate performance which an be a dangerous hazard to people particularly vapers. Ditch the batteries and buy some legit name brand batteries i.e. Samsung, Molicel etc…