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Yocan Uni Pro Review From Yocan Fans
Product: Yocan Uni Pro . Manufacturer: Yocan Technology Co. | Shenzhen, China (made in China)

Compatibility: Any 510 cart up to 1g in size

Includes magnetic 510 thread adapter, so you screw in the cart then drop the adapter with a cart attached into the chamber

You can adjust the chamber diameter and height based on the size of the cart. So yes, any 510 cart goes here folks!

Key Features

variable temp setting via voltage range of 2.0V to 4.2V

10 sec preheat option (This doesn’t work properly, it actually vapes a good amount of oil)

Digital OLED display with temp, preheat status, general status/error display, and battery life display (the latter is sooo key)

Compact and stays concealed in your pocket well (I keep my wallet in my pocket at home in the same pocket as the unit to really conceal it from my wife, so she doesn’t think I’m walking around with it in my pocket… just going to the bathroom, Hunny!). Easily hidden in the palm of your hand.


Yocan UNI Pro is called a “box mod” which made me wonder if this thing is standalone or an addon to another unit? Nothing about that during purchase research, so I took the plunge. Clearly, I know nothing about the intricacies of e-cigs, oil vaping devices, etc lol. Anyways, confirming this baby is all you need! Everything you need comes in the box. We are rolling.

To put it in perspective, I am coming from CCell m3b (cove battery). It has 3 temp settings and no preheats:

Blue: 2.8v, Yellow: 3.2v, Green: 3.6v

I have been puffing on the yellow setting as blue is far too weak. Doing so, the carts lasted me a few days, and felt like they were actually going pretty fast. I was getting big hits but lately getting to a point where I’d barely feel it like I used to (tolerance).

So why is this important? Well on just 2.5v (well below the weak blue setting on ccell m3b) had the biggest hit I’ve ever had off a normal 3-second pull. But the biggest part was how much more I feel the THC effects at a significantly lower setting than I used before.

Less voltage at once = less oil consumed per hit. So I feel like I’m going to get way more out of my carts now. It’s absolutely amazing. I want to re-buy all the carts I’ve tried and give them a proper run with this. I will never touch the ccell m3b again unless absolutely desperate.

This is the one folks… if you’re gonna be spending top dollar on OCS carts then…this is the way.

I’ve learned after some time that you actually have full control over how long you run the preheat. It doesn’t have to run the full 10 seconds, nor should it. Double click to initiate and double click to stop it. The timer shows on the screen counting down by millisecond so you can watch and stop the preheat after 2-3 seconds. This works really well to get your session started when the oil is cold, especially for thicker FSE oils

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When it comes to Yocan Battery, which form factor do you like best?

The model is Yocan UNI Pro and Yocan Stix.

The Yocan UNI Pro is a box mod that features universal compatibility with all oil atomizers at all lengths and sizes, fully bringing customization and personalization to the next level.

Simple, elegant, super-efficient, and leakproof, the Yocan STIX is a discreet vape pen designed for CBD oil. They are offering up great flavor and smooth crystal texture. Remarkably ease of use.

Mod OR Pen?
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Yocan has always been one to revolutionize the vaping industry. For years, the Chinese vaporizer company has always been the go-to for affordable and reliable wax pens, dry herb vapes, and oil vaporizers allowing many consumers to enjoy and experience the latest innovations in vaping without actually breaking the bank.

This time, Yocan brings yet another innovation that we don’t typically see on wax pens. The Yocan Orbit Vaporizer Pen is a small and compact wax vape that brings dab rig and e-rig technology to a handheld device. The Yocan Orbit Vaporizer Pen features terp pearls and a coil-less quartz cup which elevates its owner’s experience and further boosts the effects of their select wax concentrates and choice extracts giving them the best session they’ve had — all while using a portable vaporizer.

Yocan has used some of its advanced battery technology on its next-gen devices, devices that have been built with better features than the competition.
The Yocan Orbit Vaporizer Pen features a powerful 1700mAh battery that delivers more than enough juice to make the heating elements work.

If you’ve used a dab rig or an e-rig, you’d definitely hear about terp pearls. Terp pearls, sometimes referred to as dab pearls, are small pearl-like accessories used by wax concentrate consumers to improve the performance of their devices and help them achieve optimum temperature levels when dabbing.

Like most Yocan devices, the Yocan Orbit Vaporizer Pen also allows its owners to personalize their sessions by way of a variable voltage setting. Depending on your tastes, you can adjust the temperature profile in a manner to give you flavorful wisps of clouds to potent plumes of vapors.

Available at Yocan.com

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Yocan QUAD Quartz Coil is undoubtedly the biggest upgrade of the Yocan Evolve series and one of the biggest additions to Yocan Evolve Plus XL .
This QUAD technology allows you to create very big clouds. Since the airflow of Yocan Evolve Plus XL is adjustable, you can also customize the cloud and hit intensity to your liking; in terms of flavor, the Yocan QUAD coils hit tastes as delicious as you would expect for any fresh coil; the heating area of the Yocan QUAD coil is four times larger than that of other ordinary coils, and the coil heating efficiency is not compromised by this, so you can definitely get an unforgettable e-cigarette experience from Yocan Evolve Plus XL.
The use of the Yocan QUAD coil requires some skill, and if you place the material directly on the center column of the coil, it may lead to confusion! It has been proved that you need to distribute the material evenly over four coils so that you can get the best taste from this vape and maximize the performance of Yocan evolve plus xl.
In short, if you like quartz coils and want something that can hold a lot of concentrate at a time, Yocan Evolve plus XL or Yocan QUAD Coil is a good choice.
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I just got my set of Yocan ARI plus from Yocan to test out. I have to say these are exceptional vape pens from what I have found out so far. They aren’t that fancy but have everything you need in a pen for use with higher-grade oils. From the preheat till the changeable voltage meter on the bottom of the Yocan ARI pen. These ARI vape pens range about 10/12 dollars each and you can’t beat that. It does not have a special led box like the Yocan uni pro , but other than that it has the exact same features. I am getting identical hits from my Yocan Ari and Yocan Uni pro so you know. Don’t sleep on these. They do come in 4 sizes. Depending on how discreet you wanna be.

Specifications of the Yocan ARI PLUS CBD battery:
Dimension: 14mm * 110mm
Material: Stainless Steel
Battery Capacity: 900mAh Internal Battery
Universal Compatible - 510 thread
Button Operation
10s Pre-heat
Variable Voltage Output: 1.8v-4.2v
Type-C Charging Port

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A basic introduction to the Yocan Evolve Plus XL :
Compared with many contemporary products, the price of Yocan Evolve Plus XL is very affordable. Evolve Plus XL is quite sturdy and durable because of its all-metal structure.

The capacity of the 1400mAh battery can help you get through the day without an external power supply.
About size and shape: the cylindrical shape of the Yocan Evolve Plus XL feels comfortable and the overall size of the Evolve Plus XL is a few millimeters thicker than the original Yocan Evolve Plus . At the same time, the large wax storage container at the bottom of the Yocan Evolve Plus XL battery can carry more than one day’s capacity for wax.
It is worth mentioning that the Evolve Plus and Magneto before Yocan do not have the function of airflow regulation, and adding this function on Evolve Plus XL gives consumers one more reason to buy.

The Evolve Plus XL package is equipped with QUAD coils. Other equipment Yocan Magneto and Evolve Plus produced by Yocan are only suitable for quartz double (QDC) coils, and ceramic doughnut coils. QUAD coils are only suitable for XL models.

Use a tip: with a tap tool, pick up a pinch of wax/concentrate about the size of a grain of rice, and then place the pat on top of the coil. After placing the tap, screw the coil cover back on the coil. When loading QUAD coils, you can place a small tap on each of the QUAD coils, or you can place a very large tap in the center so that it touches all four. In this way, the loaded material can be fully utilized.

Overall, it is still a perfect pocket device.
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Loving the new “Orbit” by Yocan This Yocan ORBIT is perfect for on the go dabbers who love a quick easy way to consume.
With adjustable voltage, you can experience your concentrates at a temp best suited for you with just a few clicks of a button.

It’s also extremely unique in the way that it features a vortex airflow cap so you can use terp pearls for that maximum flavor and hit.

I recommend using 1-2 pearls at a time for the best airflow! Would you use the Yocan orbit?

1700mAh Battery Capacity
USB-C Charging Technology
Variable Voltage Battery
Coil-less Quartz Cups
Spinning Quartz Balls
Stainless Steel Body

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The first impression of the Yocan Uni S was that it was constructed like a tank. The shell is all-metal. The whole thing is well made and feels great. It definitely has a high-end feeling. Yocan finally made an upgrade on the UNI series.

The shell is all-metal. The wheels and buttons that adjust the height and width are also metal. My biggest complaint about the original Uni and Pro is durability. Neither is immune from a few drops. I believe Uni S solves the durability problem I encountered in the product line. I did several drop tests on the hardwood floor with Uni S without any obvious damage. As I said, this thing is built like a tank.

Uni S is very small. It is barley, 2.25 inches high, and 1.24 inches wide. The dimensions listed by Yocan are 61x31.5x32 millimeters. By contrast, the original Uni is almost an inch taller. The size is very suitable for use on the road. The whole thing with ink cartridges is actually packed in a closed fist.

These functions are very standard, including preheating, 3 different temperature settings, straight-through charging, magnetic cartridge accessories, and adjustable cartridge height, and width. The operation is also very standard, 2 clicks to warm up, 3 clicks to change the power supply, and 5 clicks to turn off and turn on the device.

I am glad that the Uni S has low power options of 2.5v, 3.0v, and 3.5v. By contrast, the original Uni is 3.4v, 3.8v, and 4.2v. I like low-power e-cigarettes very much. The preheating voltage is 1.8v. I often use the preheating function because I am in a colder climate and the effect is very good.

I had to check the instructions to find the battery capacity. It is a 400 Ma battery. The original Uni battery is 650mAh. I doubt it is necessary because of its size. In any case, the battery can easily be used in large quantities throughout the day. USB-C charging is a welcome change, but I want the USB-C cable to be fully plugged in. This is the only negative effect I can find after a few days of heavy use.

In short, Yocan Uni S is a solid unit. It is very small and feels very good. It is a very suitable successor to the Uni product line. In my opinion, it is better constructed, more compact, easier to accept any ink cartridge than other high-quality battery options today, and is generally a better and cheaper option. Uni S is my new daily driver, and I’m very happy with it.

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Yocan team held a new round of giveaways. The following are the specific details and rules of the Yocan ORBIT giveaway:

5 winners.

Each winner will receive 1 Yocan Orbit kit.

:warning: Notes:

Must be over 21!
End date:12:00 PM PST, August 26, 2022.

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After using Yocan’s newly developed Stix Plus for quite a long time, I have been using most of the Stix Plus of these two pens. Both are perfect for Ccells. I just prefer old-fashioned buttons. Yocan Stix 2.0 uses a button-less system that can be operated by tapping a pen on a hard surface. For example, tap twice and it starts to warm up. I think it’s a great pen, but it’s just not suitable for use on the road. I found that it was activated because of other objects in my pocket, So I continued to use Stix Plus. It’s a simple battery with 3 calorie levels, and if your e-cigarette has a regular vacuum cleaner or even active resin, this pen is great. For me, it only takes a few seconds to pull and has a huge impact. This alone allows me to use it for all my Ccells. I still use my Ari and Yocan Stix series for fine oils and Rosins, but for the far side, this pen is rocks. There is a medium-sized battery, says ID. It’s okay to die on me early. It’s definitely worth a try because its performance is better than anything from a pharmacy.


Cartridge Parameters:
Dimension: Φ14*44.5mm
Material: Full Ceramic and Glass
Capacity: 1.2ml
Resistance: 1.0Ω

Battery Parameters:
Dimension: Φ14*85mm
Material: Stainless Steel
Battery Capacity: 650mAh Interior Battery
Voltage Range: 3.0V, 3.5V, 4.2V
Operation Type: Button Activation
Thread: 510

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As you can see, Yocan Kodo’s tiny! Should be Yocan 's smallest battery mod. Have you ever seen such a small device? You can hold the whole thing in your hand. It’s about the size of my thumb. Below are the size details, it measures 53mm in height, 17.5mm in depth, and 20mm in width.

Performance and functionality of Yocan Kodo
Yocan Kodo has three voltage levels; 2.5v, 3v, and 3.5v. You only need to quickly click the power button three times, and you can quickly reach the voltage level you want. 1 LED light indicates low voltage, 2 lights are medium voltage, and 3 are high voltage. Because the 510 is attached to the top Kodo, any size 510 compatible atomizer can be used.

It is worth mentioning that KODO has a 10-second warm-up function. To turn on this feature, click the power button twice to start heating the material for 10 seconds, then it will turn off automatically.
This function is very necessary for some thick CBD oils. Melting first and then starting to atomize allows for efficient use of the material.

The Yocan Kodo comes with a 400mAh built-in battery. You should have a full day of use before needing a recharge. You can charge your device with the included micro USB cable, and since it’s so small, it takes only 30 minutes to charge quickly. And you can vape while it’s charging, so that’s always nice.

Safety Features:
Short circuit protection
Low voltage protection
15 seconds off

It’s a fairly basic device, but it has some really cool features; it’s small, it has a big battery, it has adjustable voltage, and it has a preheat function, like a CBD pod thing. So if you’re interested, check out Kodo on www.yocan.com for details.