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A couple new notes…

Mixed Champagne Soda at 4% this time. It still has clear notes of red licorice, but the tart wine bitters are more pronounced. You may like it @mrpipes, but if you simply detest the red licorice, I’d pass. Definitely a different flavor at 4% but still licorishy.

Pretzel Dough (4%)… Well, this one is a little disappointing, although I assumed it would be. It has the feel of a pretzel bread, the sort you know if you have had a burger with a pretzel bun. The chewy bread part is there, but the deep goodness of the pretzel crust is lacking. It is OK but will never live as a standalone. Would bring a nice depth to a bakery note if you are looking for something unique. I would like to see how this fares with saline. Pretzels absolutely require salt.

Lemon Orange Rice Candy (4%). A little background on the profile… Long ago, one of the first juices I wanted to make was Fruity Pebbles. Not with milk, just the flavor of popping a few naked grains right out of the box. All the ones I have tried that said they were this, were not. Had a gross, off-putting lemon rindness to them. My wife liked them but I loathed them. Well, this profile is very similar to those. That same lemony rindness that is just too chemically to abide. Wife likes it, of course. But not a winner for me.

I have mixed a few other new ones but have yet to try them. More later…



Mixed up Pumpkin Candy SC at 4.5% (took a risk and shot over the max recommended).

That odd, brown sugary Moon Sugar feel is much abated here. It is a lot sweeter now. I like it a lot better but I’m still struggling to get that candy corn vibe. A decent sugar candy profile but does not get to pumpkin mellowcreme as promised.



Has anyone gotten these yet? Need to order from BCF soon and wondering if these are worth a try.



I have them but have only tested the cream puff. Things have been crazy here with the weather and a long list of others including spoiling my homogenizer parts with my “new” chinesium lathe. :rage: Work an hour on the project and work a week fixing and waiting for parts. Its maddening sometimes… but shit happens. "Murphy’s law"and I know ol Murph pretty well.:grin:

I don’t think much of the cream puff but others may like it better than I do. It’s too light for my tastes but a real cream puff probably is too. I’d call it a slightly sweet cream with a light pastry back. I tested at 3% and will try 4 next or add a fruit. I can see it being pretty good that way but would say that it could be easily overpowered.

I’m dying to try the Cookie crust. Maybe mix it tonight.



Is yours the SC variant?

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Yes. I plan to mix it with Flavorah Cookies and cream and forego the single test. The FLV is an ice cream flavor but I don’t taste much cookie in it. Have you mixed the WF?



I mixed it with the latest batch, kept it at 2% to start. I don’t like it. It reminds me of an Oreo minus the middle, but has a hint of being fried in old KFC grease.

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Oh well that sounds fuckin yummy :nauseated_face:



I’ve become very sensitive to the Frito vibe of AP, so I think they must have some in it. YMMV naturally.



I’ve mixed a lot of HIC’s recipes and he uses a ton of it. I’d say I’m pretty sensitive to it myself. A little…maybe a drop or 2…but not very much or I don’t like it at all.



Another one…

Pina Colada Gummy Candy (SC) 4% mix. Most if not all of the coconut infused juices I have tried have been disappointing. Coconut is another flavor I wish I could master. But this one is good. Plenty of pina and colada, sweet pineapple, candy pop, light on the coconut, light cream feel as well. No hints of alcohol. This is one of the rare single flavor recipes that works. Pleasantly surprised.



Rum & Cola (SC) 4%…

I do not like hard liquor, or vape juices that emulate it. I mixed this one for the old lady. She said she “likes it”. She’s not one for putting words to flavor vibes well, so all I get ever from her really is binary information. I asked her if it was really rummy and she said ‘I don’t know’. Sigh.

I tried it for myself. Believe it or not, this could be another single mix success story. It has a good Coca-Cola flavor and no alcohol vibe at all to me, really. It reminds me a lot of HiLIQ’s Coke concentrate. That’s a good flat cola vape. This one is similar but a little sweeter and more earthy, and lacks any chemical vibe… It also feels a little less flat? If that makes sense. I did not think I would, but I like it. If you want a liquor hit, you will need to add a more potent alkie flavor.

Edited to correct HiLIQ’s name spellin’.



I finally mixed this today and personally think its not too bad. I should have single flavor tested it because I combined it with Flavorah cream and cookies which is an ice cream/Oreo flavoring and may not be combining well. I did this because I knew that it was supposed to be Oreo without the center so I hoped they would pair up. Vapable, but kinda odd. But I did not get an AP vibe from it or the greasy aftertaste thing so that’s promising. Anyone have suggestions on how to get that cream center?



I have heard people mention INW Vanilla Cream to sort of be the cream center of a twinkie, not exaclty the oreo center but might be in the right direction?

Gotta get me some oreos, probably been 3 or 4 years since I have had one so can’t remember the exact flavor of the center.



It is hard to describe oreo creme (that is what they have on the packet lol) since it isn’t really a cream at all - I would maybe lean to a frosting (either flv or wf buttercream frosting) with a little Vienna cream fa. But since I don’t eat Oreos very often there will probably be better options.



I made SF testers @ 2-3-4%. This is flavoring is to me more of a light chocolate graham than Oreo so I’m not sure what to do with it. I did add some FLV frosting and will try some Vienna plus a little dark chocolate but prospects don’t seem very good to me for an Oreo mix. Its not bad but …



I also tried the Graham Cracker Crust and think that it is also unusual. The Graham seems hidden by a spice mixture that I can’t identify. I added .5 to Flapper Pie attempting to give it a little more crust. It worked pretty well. So I’m not sure what to do with this one though I’m sure I can find uses for it. I think this will work with some cheesecake recipes. Its pretty strong.



I loathe concentrates like that. When I try to shoehorn an oddball into a recipe, it usually ends badly.



Flapper Pie is delicious! I mixed Nick Evans Lemon Meringue Pie - the Best Yet, found on all the flavors.com uses it.



Flapper P has become one of my favorites and I also mixed the LMP. Its delicious as is but I boosted the lemon a little with Medicine Flower Lemon for the second mix. Then I mixed a 120 ml LOL. I posted his recipe on the VC calculator here. :+1: