Who's Frying 8/4


That’s terrible. I hope nothing busts. Here I set paralyzed with the fuckits when I have a what seems a thousand things I want and need to do. Instead I just curled up again with the dogs in front of the wood stove. Too fuckin cold. One thing they never tell you when they put stainless steel screws and joints in your body is how the cold will affect you. Makes you feel like you’ve had the shit kicked out of you.

I nominate your neighbor Fish for thaw out duty.:sweat_smile:


Don’t blame you even the slightest! lol
Sounds like a good place to be to me! :thumbsup:

That’s no lie!! I feel that 5-6" long plate in normal conditions (thanks to the muscles that are supposed to be attached along that perimeter of bone), much less the screws that go through it into the bone…

I’m hoping/praying that it’s not my lines that are frozen, and it’s those that feed (from the mains)… But we’ll see. If we can ever get out of this frozen bullshit.


Its supposed to warm up this weekend. Keep us posted. We’ll call out the troops if necessary. We all know you would do the same for us and you don’t need to be crawling around trying to fix it. Those screws and plates can come loose. :wink:



As my grandmother used to say “They better don’t!!” lol


Uh oh… you got the ones that Wismec uses to make their 510 assemblies? Yikes.


We never got above freezing today, so there’s zero chance that my pipes thawed. But I’m pleased to say (thank God) that I have water once again!
Obviously a local main was repaired today. :smiley:


Beautiful day here with a high of 70 F (21 C) but the bizarre weather continues. The middle US had record setting low pressures, winds and storm conditions. Check out what 100 MPH winds did to this truck: ( you don’t have to sign in)