Who's Frying 8/4


That’s terrible. I hope nothing busts. Here I set paralyzed with the fuckits when I have a what seems a thousand things I want and need to do. Instead I just curled up again with the dogs in front of the wood stove. Too fuckin cold. One thing they never tell you when they put stainless steel screws and joints in your body is how the cold will affect you. Makes you feel like you’ve had the shit kicked out of you.

I nominate your neighbor Fish for thaw out duty.:sweat_smile:


Don’t blame you even the slightest! lol
Sounds like a good place to be to me! :thumbsup:

That’s no lie!! I feel that 5-6" long plate in normal conditions (thanks to the muscles that are supposed to be attached along that perimeter of bone), much less the screws that go through it into the bone…

I’m hoping/praying that it’s not my lines that are frozen, and it’s those that feed (from the mains)… But we’ll see. If we can ever get out of this frozen bullshit.


Its supposed to warm up this weekend. Keep us posted. We’ll call out the troops if necessary. We all know you would do the same for us and you don’t need to be crawling around trying to fix it. Those screws and plates can come loose. :wink:



As my grandmother used to say “They better don’t!!” lol


Uh oh… you got the ones that Wismec uses to make their 510 assemblies? Yikes.


We never got above freezing today, so there’s zero chance that my pipes thawed. But I’m pleased to say (thank God) that I have water once again!
Obviously a local main was repaired today. :smiley:


Beautiful day here with a high of 70 F (21 C) but the bizarre weather continues. The middle US had record setting low pressures, winds and storm conditions. Check out what 100 MPH winds did to this truck: ( you don’t have to sign in)


That must’ve been really scary!
We had a few days of spring in February and then straight to autumn. Lots of rain and hard wind but nowhere near what happened there.


It is scary, if that"s the right word. I found myself up on my roof (by necessity) just a few weeks ago in -18 F weather…88 degrees F from when I posted the other day. 40-50 degree temp swings are becoming increasingly common from one day to the next. Ditto for high winds; the likes of I have never experienced in this part of the world. Trees are unnaturally dying. Add to this that I have fields of alfalfa in really close proximity yet rarely if ever see a honeybee. 20 years ago I had to find a beekeeper just to manage the bees on my property. The lack of insects is astonishing. Without earthworms crops will not grow. The UV is deadly…you can feel your skin cooking. Ocean acidification/hypoxia, loss of plankton…the list goes on and on and on.

Now you know me…I’m never one to make controversial statements.:roll_eyes::smirk: The subject of climate change brings about as much controversy as the silly ass left/right divide /conquer nonsense promulgated by the presstitute media. Indeed the subject is politicized when that doesn’t remotely make sense…they will take and tax at will under any pretense they choose. So I confess; I started this thread wondering if others here are as concerned about abrupt climate change as I am.

To me it is all about habitat and the fact that by whatever cause whether natural, man-made, or combination thereof; if our habitats can’t adjust to these abrupt changes… lights out. I think mother nature is about to shake us off like fleas on a dog.


I was reading an interesting article on climate change just the other day the gist of which was we are all screwed - the interesting point that was made was that the sun is currently in a declining solar cycle yet here in Au we are seeing record heat waves (and around the world we are seeing super strong weather systems. The article predicted that when the next and subsequent solar cycles come around to their peaks then the really bad weather changes will start to show us how much we have killed our planet and most likely ourselves.



I love that stuff. Whichever “side” you’re on, I just have an impossible time believing that scientists, shamans, prophets, or psychics can actually predict trends based on a few hundred years of data at best. And data that can be manipulated or interpreted to fit any narrative. And add to that the fact that any collected data is nothing more than a microsecond’s blip on the radar of a climate that has existed for millions, maybe billions of years…

Anyone who can say This Will Happen is a total loon and a charlatan. And anyone who can blame any data on a century of human industrialism is doing so for profit and power only. Everyone is free to believe what they choose to of course, but look at who is saying what, and follow the money.

If anyone thinks I can burn a tire on my property and cause a hurricane in Florida, I’ve got a nice bridge for sale in a lovely New York neighborhood…

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I am familiar with this graph/data but don’t think that I have read this particular article. Interesting in that I usually see solar cycle data used separately from anthropogenic environmental causes of climate change. As the graph shows we have the record of these solar cycle effects. Indeed we have the physical record data from way before the species “homo” existed which is roughly 300,000 years.
Science has established the age of our planet as approximately 4 billion years.

What is depicted is the established “baseline” dating to the year 1750 as the beginning of industrialized civilization. While arbitrary it is nonetheless necessary to begin measurement from.

As shown we have been in a solar minimum for the last ten years yet global average temperature is higher than at any time since man has existed. According to the consensus of peer reviewed journal studies we are 1.7 C above the 1750 baseline. Again according to the refereed journal literature the solar min/max amounts to an average swing of .7 C. By itself it doesn’t sound like much to a layman like me but further study points to catastrophic results as the article you mentioned says.

It is well accepted that the physical record shows that earth has undergone 5 mass extinctions. The last was an ice age where a 1.5 C global average temperature rise resulted in the ice melt. Since then we have experienced another 2 C up to the 1750 baseline and another 1.7 since. Beginning in 1990 we were warned that we could not withstand more than a 1C rise. IMO the article/author is correct.



We’ll agree to disagree on this. As a dedicated skeptic I’m actually surprised you buy into this, Pipes. These are the sorts of discussions that can lead to hard feelings and resentment so we can cease if there’s going to be legit pissed-offedness. I’m fine but if it’s going to be too hot to discuss, we can nip it.

It wasn’t long ago, before alGore decided to line his pockets on our fears, we were being told that we were entering a potentially devastating cooling period. (1970’s). We were warned that great suffering and despair were afoot, as the climate would soon not be warm enough for plentiful crops. Famine, death, mass-extinction soon to come and we better act NOW!!!

We know how that ended.

Then along comes the prophet Gore and his pyramid scheme, this time with claims of the opposite! And this time, with data to prove it!!! Yikes, now we really were doomed!

Then comes the famous hockey stick graph. You know, the one that Al’s Minions defrauded us with by manipulating the data. The one that later proved the earth has been in a cooling cycle sine 1996 or so. He nearly succeeded in convincing us that we were hurtling towards Hades at a breakneck pace, and it was our own doing to boot. It had a name… AGW. Man Made Global Warming!!

When the truth about the numbers and the fraud became too great to ignore, AGW and indeed Global Warming itself was scuttled. The public was tired of it. So they re-birthed it under the name Climate Change. Ah, nice. Now we can stop talking about warming and encompass ALL climate events being the work of devious, evil humans and their lust for destruction and disregard for the environment. Now not only can we blame heat on the evil waterbags, but blizzards and storms as well. Excellent. Political machine back in business. Nice and (in)convenient indeed. But most of us still ain’t buying it. Fool me once, and all that…

There is no way- absolutely no way, as in zero percent chance, that a minuscule blip of human activity that is not even a moment’s tick on the clock of history is pushing this great blue marble towards doom. No way. Arrogant humans who think they have billions of years of history figured out and can drive the future are simply wrong. Wrong, wrong. And again, wrong.


Yeah yeah Al Gore Al Gore Al Gore. Its always the same utterly ridiculous nonsense not backed by anything other than personal attacks and skewering of facts to suit an agenda. It occurs to me that making unsupported declarations of what can’t be is worse than making predictions.

I posed some general observations and @woftam responded by referencing an article he found interesting. I said why I found it interesting and expanded on why I felt that way. I don’t need your approval or condemnation.

There is way to have an intelligent conversation. It goes like this:


Anything less than DH4 is bullshit. No one is saying what you are claiming they are including me.


I’m not giving you approval or condemnation. I get to have an opinion, too. And your cartoon seems to smack the same tone of pettiness you’re telling me I’m engaged in. No worries from me.

I could, for instance, listen to just one side of an issue that affects all of us here- vaping.

I could read all of the literature put out by the government, BT, and BP that vilifies vaping and shows how bad it is for the public. I could then decide that they are correct, and that vaping is just as dangerous, nay more so even, than smoking. There is plenty of data out there that they use to support their position. And along with their position comes the call for regulation and elimination.

I could also, after digesting that side of the vaping ‘argument’, go in search of counter-information about vaping. I could read the studies and opinions that are presented here and elsewhere. Indeed, these arguments seem to show vaping in quite a good light. A safe, effective smoking cessation tool and a fun, harmless hobby. The folks on that side of the argument want nothing from us. All they want is proper information and clarification. But the government wants regulation, invasion of personal space, and erosion of freedoms. That’s a big red flag for me.

It is the same path as Climate Change. Those who are wringing their hands raw and shouting the loudest are the ones who stand to profit the most from it. Financially and power both. The government is telling me I have to give up my rights and my money to ‘fix’ the future, and there is NO other alternative. I and the rest of my fellow waterbags are doomed if we don’t take action. This, despite much evidence to the contrary, and the basic fact that their reasoning is fundamentally flawed by a nearly complete lack of supporting data.

So, in short, if the Government says there is only one side of the argument, and the result is massive erosion of freedom and personal wealth, I’m going to be rightfully skeptical.

See? Told you there’d be hard feelings. Not from me though…


I’m done except to say that you have no idea of where my information comes from except my mentions of refereed scientific journal literature. That spans many years and is voluminous.

So go on with your bending and assumptions to fit your wholly unsupported bias. Meanwhile get off my ass.


Aw, but it’s comfy. Hey man, just pointing out that there are rightfully two sides to every story. All good, moving along now…

I guess I just lost my high shear bit though.


I suggest you get some help. No, I’m a man of my word and you have no idea of what I’m going through to fulfill what I said I would do. But if you look at that thread all you will see is your badgering of what YOU think I should post about it. I’ve had enough that shit. Get off my ass with your manipulative and pushy bullshit.

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Sorry man, really. I guess I’m open to listening to all sides and assumed you were as well. It’s really tripped your trigger and I apologize. I’m really not being pushy or manipulative, and I’m really not trying to change your mind. Just putting alternative opinions out there is all. And this is why I refrain from 99.9999999% of these sorts of discussions. Never ends well. Exceedingly rare to have all parties remain un-offended.