Who's Frying 8/4


Or maybe it was the afternoon nap😞


I’ve always been a night owl but yeah the nap helps LOL




Feels Like: 101°


Noooo Thanks …


Its 91F here but with winds and lower humidity so its not so bad. But I have a roof on an outbuilding that needs repaired. No way am I getting up on black asphalt shingles.


No way, you’ll stick like fly paper lol… That’s what it is here too. 91 real feel of 95 . Little windy. Yesterday was worse for sure.


It is hot but not abnormal for this time of year. If today was Thanksgiving, we’d have a problem.



Feels Like: 104°

Higher than ‘average’ but not more than we are accustomed to. Cool front coming in with rain tomorrow, supposedly.


Yeah… Looking forward to it too!
This 84°F at 1:30am is bullshit. (though we’ve had worse…)


|Mostly Cloudy||76°F


81F here with your rain coming straight at me. I’ll sure take it. Damned steam bath again yesterday.


I peed outside several times during the rain event, so hopefully a little of me is also headed your way. :sunglasses:


Well that’s nice. I live by the Wabash river which flows to the big muddy down your way. So I sent you a thank you package. Ever wonder why they call the Mississippi the big muddy? :grinning:


It’s Februari, usually the coldest month of the year and it is 18 degrees Celsius.
Apparently there will be a repeat of last summers heat.


Holding true to the norms here at the moment.
30°F currently. Cold enough, but not bitterly so.


We’ve been in the middle of spring for the last three days or so it feels. I’m not complaining cause I hate the cold but it is pretty weird.


I just hope that we’re in line for some big storms this Spring. It’s been way too long. We had a nice run of reliably severe weather in the Spring that ended in 2011 or so and it’s been far too quiet the last few years. With this winter breaking from the pattern we’d seen over the last few years, maybe it is signaling a return to good old fashioned big storms again. Here’s hoping, anyway.


Still waiting to fry. Hell, still waiting to defrost. Thermometer outside read 2F this morning. Hello??? It’s March already…


Yeah same here with -12 F (-24.4 C)windchill. Our average temp according to almanac is 42 F. ( 5.56 C) I have some pretty bad health issues and this shit is getting really hard on me.

This map is interesting; Departures from normal high temperatures world wide:


No joke.

On top of that, I’ve got over two feet long, and over 1 inch thick icicles hanging from my awnings. Worse still? My water froze last night (and remains such)… sigh