What's playing in your head?


Johnny B lives in Goshen Indiana and his band the Whistle Pigs do a lot of gigs up in lower Michigan around you and Eddie and ? Highly recommend that you catch a show sometime if you haven’t. Along with being one of the great ones he is a very nice guy.


This be a bass player:


One more for good measure:


Those were awesome! Players like this always just floor me with how the instrument becomes part of their body where their brains speak directly through it…if that makes any sense. Perfect intonation even though its an upright and with percussion fills happening from tapping at exactly the right spots. Amazing.

I set at a table in a crowded noisy club with a famous player while he changed his strings. He tuned it by feel and handed it to me to check out. It was perfectly in tune and the thing had a Floyd Rose floating bridge on it. No way he could hear an unplugged electric guitar in that crowd. I just set there with my mouth open.

Thanks. I enjoyed hearing this guy.



The first video just strikes me as a “sad reality” of getting noticed. While it’s pretty obvious he definitely digs the song (fan of Lenny Kravitz), his voice just doesn’t fit IMO. But it gets him out there and noticed I’m sure… Anyways!

The second clip he’s in his element, and is simply “channeling” (like @mrpipes said, where the mind, music, and instrument become one). Absolutely amazing!!

My first thought when I watched was “OMGosh!! I can just picture him as a trio with Strunz & Farah!”


Although he does some “showy” stuff like the first one, he is really a great bassist. Ranks in there with the Hadens and Christian McBride IMHO. It is sad in my books that you have to beat on the things, snap the strings, and do all kinds of “tricks” to be noticed as a musician. Sad commentary on how dumbed down the average listener has become. Reminds me of a conversation I had during a smoke break when I was with an 18 piece swing band. Two women in their 60’s asked if we could play anything they could dance too. I was dumbfounded. They went on to say “Rock and Roll”. Then it hit me. The general media has broadcast nothing but racket rock for 60 years now. There’s a good chance they never heard music.


I definitely get where you’re coming from… And I think there’s a great many places that applies. In Adam’s case though, to me it feels perfectly natural. A self accompaniment, derived from necessity if you will.

You can tell his mind is racing 120mph, and it’s like he’s struggling to let every last bit and piece of what he’s hearing (mentally) reach the light of day. To that end, I think he’s executed quite admirably!

But yeah, I’ve seen plenty of musicians try similar and it comes across contrived. Because they’re reaching outside their element to make something happen artificially. And that usually sticks out like a sore thumb to me. YMMV

I fully agree with your sentiment that “real musicians” often feel the need to reach into a “bag of tricks” to capture the initial following. But, I think the two biggest things that caused that are the decline in focus on being “a well rounded human being” (the education system in the formative years), and corporate radio (and the supporting industry; “molding” artists into the latest moneymaker, and then dumping for the next ‘new thing’).

Thankfully though, we’re in the dawn of a new Era, and real talent has a worldwide stage like never before, and they don’t have to be “molded” by a defunct process anymore (if they don’t want to), while still having a good chance of being heard! :smiley:


I hope you’re right. I see some hopeful signs out of Europe from time to time. I agree, he appears to be crystallized to me as apposed to what I’ve been watching on stage for the last 50 years where I kinda get that they are trying to signal that they are “getting into it” but look more like they’re trying to shit their pants but the damn thing is stuck in there.


I was fortunate enough to have mentors who flat told me that when I was in a studio (home or wherever else) I was an artist. And when I was on a stage I was an entertainer and to never forget that. I found that to be very true and to be helpful in walking the razor edge between the two. So I agree with damned near everything above but my perspective is slightly different. I chose the blues and its subculture first because its what I like most and a way to separate myself from from rock and roll cover music while developing a style and sound somewhat free from the constraints. I hope we are seeing the dawn of a new era. Time will tell. The decay of arts and culture are clear signs of dying system.

Question: what do you call a (male) musician that does not have a wife or significant other?


I’m fortunate per having to “entertain”. Per my instrument, I’m not expected to act like an ass on stage and two of the band members are really into that and have that aspect covered. The only time I played solo was when I was very young like 8 to 10 and that was another instrument. Even then I felt like a organ grinders monkey. It always hit my as absurd when someone who couldn’t even tap their foot told me how good I was. That has pretty much carried on through today. When I take a break and go out into the crowd the last thing I want to talk about is the music. I’d much rather talk about something they knew something about.


A person with all the the gear they want! /rimshot


Nope . The answer is :point_down::point_down::point_down::point_down::point_down:



I was gonna say happy lol but yeah homeless too lol



Dat Ogre got this stuck in my head. (though its been there for a very long time)


That ogre’s pretty good at “unearthing” the recesses I must say! :laughing:


Ya dude! Loved playing that one. Brings back some memories of some amazing dancers. Oh my!!!


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Sherman Robertson- Blues Festival in Aalborg, Denmark - With his UK band “Blues Move.” Curious if our Euro members are familiar?