What "new" additions to your stash *seriously* impressed you in the last year?


You can take that any direction you’d like!

  • Whether it is simply ‘new to you’, and you were blown away by it.
  • What was so impressive it actually replaced a long-standing favorite?
  • When an ‘Ah-ha!’ moment occurred and you found that key missing component.
  • etc

One of mine was with FLV Pound Cake.
It was just the fact that it was so very true to the name. A great single flavor (though complex) that was exactly what was desired/expected (and those are rare).

Another was NF Red Apple. It really is more of an accent, but helps to spotlight the part that most red apples I’ve tried lack. The skin.
(Only need a couple two or three drops per 30ml!)


There are 2 flavors I am obsessed with at the moment to get what I smell into vape form, Tahitian Vanilla Cream WF and Vanilla Nut Brittle PUR. Everytime I smell either one I have to stop myself from drinking them :stuck_out_tongue:

Both are somewhat new to me. I have made mixes that I like with them but still trying for that recipe that makes these flavors shine.

The most used new flavor for me I got about 7 months ago is Vanilla Ice Cream LB. I have torn through about 200ml of that stuff since first getting it, 2 or 3 of my most popular recipes use it.


I agree with @Mjag about WF Tahitian Vanilla Cream as being a fantastic flavor. I’ve been slowly working through the WF lines, SC and regular concentrates, and subbing them in with results I like. Nothing really nailed down but overall I am impressed with their products. I particularly like their cookie flavors with Shortbread Cookie leading the pack with Almond Cookie a close second.

For that missing ingredient I’d have to say MF lemon. I love lemon and had tried I think about all and nothing compares. My favorite lemon was FA Lemon Sicily but by itself I could never quite “get there” but the combination of the two did it for me.

FA’s new Crema Bavarese, Gelato Vaniglia, and New York Cheesecake have replaced several others for me so I would call them game changers. Lots of changes for me and I could go on and on.


I just got the WF Almond cookie, now you got me excited to try it, gonna put shortbread cookie in my wish list .

Got FA Gelato Vaniglia as well but another flavor among what seems like 100 I have yet to try. On a new flavor ban…at least until the next big sale :wink:


I buy flavoring like you guys buy mods. Got about 10 testers to mix tomorrow. I admit. I’m hopelessly obsessed :rofl:


In the last year I picked up flavorah rich cinnamon, I don’t think I need to elaborate on that lol, I now have a dedicated tank that always has a cinnamon something or other juice in it.

In the last year I also got real flavors black label French toast, I try to avoid real flavors for the same reason I avoid inawera, but holy shit is that French toast delicious lol.

Speaking of avoiding inawera, I got flavor revolution sweet strawberry and I have been replacing inw shisha strawberry with it gradually and it is doing very well, can’t swap for exact %, I think the flavor revolution is about twice as strong. That leaves me with Creme Brulee, custard, and shisha vanilla as the only inw flavors I still buy, assuming the JF biscuit I have on my list lives up to the hype.

I’ll second @Mjag on the lb vanilla ice cream, I got that shit at the beginning of the year and have been through about 3oz of my 4oz bottle lol it goes in everything.


@Fishaddict420 JF biscuit is great - I think better than inw or at least on par.

I hate to be that Medicine Flower guy but their Wild Raspberry is my favourite raspberry of all time.

FA Custard Premium has also become a staple for me.

My biggest surprises were Flavor Express Mango (I do also like the Vape Train Mango Juice and the WF Island Mango) and Flavor Express Lemon (almost as good as a weaker version of MF) great flavours.


This one is amazing. I added to it another mango from Solubarome

Also, hypnotic myst (FA) became a staple for me


I thought of another one that was a nice discovery. I don’t care for candy banana flavors so for a more realistic one I started using Flavor Revolution Ripe Banana combined with WF Banana Puree. These have replaced all others I have. WF Banana Puree is good, but weak and FR is pretty potent. Generally I’m using about a 2 to 1 ratio and like these a lot. Makes a nice banana cream mix with WF Tahitian VC.


I’ve seen this one multiple times here in the thread. I suppose I should try it. It is not a standalone, right?


No I wouldn’t vape it by itself but it is a nice vanilla additive. Kind of ‘bright’ compared to the ‘dark’ vanilla’s and can be easily buried in a mix but IMO really good with fruit flavors.


Ah, Tahitian Vanilla Cream is not an SC so I don’t have it. Oh well, future.


Yeah with 105 SC’s I’d say you have a full plate LOL.


Re-tracking, I have found that MF Dark Chocolate is a really great chocolate flavor, probably the best I’ve tried.


Shouldn’t read when I am half asleep, I read that as “MotherFucking Dark Chocolate” I need to get my mind out of the gutter and get more sleep :laughing:


/slides a hot cup of coffee over
Or perhaps that should be warm milk…

Either way,
Mornin’ Mjag!


Mornin Spark!

Coffee sounds good, gonna get a second cup :+1: Stole half a CBD gummy from the chicks stash last night… made me drowsy and apparently unable to read correctly :grin:


I know this is about flavors you love but does anyone love INW Custard? I can’t get over how much it tastes like chalk to me, everytime I see a recipe that calls for it I sub it out now. @woftam told me about FA Custard Premium, that kicks INW Custard in the taint, great stuff.


Try this one for you inw custard mate I find inw as a solo custard is good but can be a little dry - the extra custards will certainly help it out.

Custard Slut (Final)

Ingredients %
Brown Sugar - The Perfumers Apprentice 1.00
Custard - Inawera 1.50
Custard Premium - Flavour Art 2.00
French Vanilla(Bl) - Real Flavors (BL) 0.50
Toasted Coconut Cheesecake - Purilum 1.00
Vanilla Custard - Flavorah 1.20

Flavor total: 7.20%

The RF can be subbed out pretty easily - as is it boosts the creamy feel and the vanilla


That is actually really good, cant taste the INW Custard much :laughing: