What do you hate?

So…. The illegals coming to our countries will be looking to be recruited into the military I guess…. That’s not good…. They will be armed and follow orders where American born and raised would have a conscience not to turn a gun on their fellow man…

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Of course they support immigration because they know we’re being killed off



Had a message from the hospital today. I have to come back for another colonoscopy.
I had one 5 years ago, they took out some polyps.
They told me they’d check in 5 years.
Doesn’t time fly when you don’t want something to happen again.
I’m really not looking forward to it. :nauseated_face:
I hope they call it off because I don’t weigh enough. First you have to go on a diet for a few days and then drink that laxative. That will not help gaining weight.
I managed to get to 44.9 kilos not so long ago. I’ve been a little under the weather and dropped to 43.7.
Fingers crossed :crossed_fingers:

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Best of luck Josie, I hope they lube up the gopro this time


They aren’t fun but at least they give you sedatives, I think the most uncomfortable thing about mine was the fact that I was moreso worried about the perma-poop-stains around my ass and cheeks from not being able to wipe properly. Probably looked like I was sitting on a brown crayon 24/7


They better! I get a sedative. I’ve had one decades ago without and almost punched them in the face because they weren’t pulling it out when I screamed at them to do so.
Nurse came up to me and told me to breath. I told her I wasn’t laying there giving birth.
OUT NOW!! Never again will I go through that without getting doped up first.

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Maybe ask to see their linked in or at least verify they are actually from the Hospital staff… With all the scammers you get I wouldn’t be suprised if the guy doing the colonoscopy looks like this:



Honestly, I don’t want someone who sticks cameras in assholes for a living to look that happy… I know there’s “Loving your job” but this smile is not something I want to see when he’s like, “Now lay on your side” … I want the person that sounds depressed and miserable and just doing it because the money is good.

It’s like, “Dude, let me see you lube it with the gel and not lick the probe, for my own comfort please”


Thanks man, that cheered me up. I will keep my eyes peeled. :laughing:

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just imagine him smiling at you and as he says “get undressed” his tongue curls upwards to wet his moustache


If he can’t part his eyebrows with his tongue I’m not interested.

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A portion of the letter US Sen. Rubio(FL) sent to the FDA Commissioner

Dear Commissioner Califf:

I write with concern about the widespread importation and distribution of illicit Chinese disposable e-cigarettes in the United States. Foreign disposable e-cigarette manufacturers, the majority of which are based in the People’s Republic of China (PRC), are taking advantage of regulatory loopholes and lax enforcement by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to flood the market with untested, unapproved devices. As a result, millions of American consumers— including minors—have unwittingly used illegal and potentially dangerous vapes at great risk to their health and safety.

The FDA’s approach to regulating the e-cigarette market has enabled this explosion of illicit Chinese vapes. Law-abiding American companies wait years, spend millions of dollars, and comply with strict restrictions on flavors and marketing in order to gain FDA approval for their products. Meanwhile, unscrupulous Chinese companies send shipping containers full of illegal e-cigarettes into our country every day, right under the nose of the FDA and U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP). FDA’s attempts at enforcement have proven totally inadequate. Chinese companies have circumvented blacklists by misrepresenting their products on shipping manifests and simply by changing their trade names.

The FDA’s regulatory double standard has had predictable consequences: legitimate products are few and far between, while dangerous and illegal Chinese vapes dominate the market. Currently, only domestic e-cigarette manufacturing sites are required to register with the FDA and undergo routine inspections, while foreign vaping manufacturers have no requirement for routine oversight. Disposable Chinese vapes with illegal levels of nicotine, and deadly substances like fentanyl, have been found in the United States in growing numbers. With more than 2.1 million youth using e-cigarettes and 4.5 percent of all adults using e-cigarettes, the presence of so many dangerous and untested products is unacceptable and should spur the FDA to significant action.


And this is how they are going to take away peoples homes. Remember, you will own nothing, and also remember that we are the front runners in this.
Coming to a home near you, wherever you are. It’s a global power and money grab.
It will not stop until people draw a line en-masse.

They probably won’t. Any news that people get about government crimes is always very quickly drowned out by other news and then forgotten.
That’s one of the reasons I hate the news and don’t follow it.
It’s detrimental to your memory of past events, and they know that.
24 hour news started with 9/11 because there was an emergency.
It has never stopped after that.
Why would that be?

The article is in English, don’t worry.

The situation for pensioners who’ve bought their houses many decades ago is a lot worse.
They bought it for maybe 30.000 guilders at that time.
They have paid for the house and have no mortgage. That makes it property.
The current value is not the amount they’ve paid at that time.

They are moving the property tax from box one to box three.
That will triple the amount they will have to pay.
There’s no way they are going to be able to pay that amount of money from their little pension.

Maybe they offer them a nice deal. Take in some refugees, you’ve got some space.
They want to start forcing people to take them in their homes. Which is why they flood the country with them without providing any facilities.

We already had a shitstorm about a baby dying outside of the asylum seekers centre a few years ago
There was not enough space, and since it was winter…

They are blackmailing people into doing what they want them to do.
During Covid it was all about preventing your, or somebody else’s grandma dying.
Anybody who saw through it, was regarded a murderer of old people.
Not only by the government unfortunately, but also by the general population.

Imagine what it’s going to be like when they are going to make you out to be a baby killer.
Most people will fall for the guilt trip and agree, so it will all be perfectly democratic.

Are they taking advantage, or are they allowed to take advantage?
Sure way to bankrupt companies this side of the world.
They will own nothing.

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Hey now, this will be great when the WHO takes the sovereignty of all nations.

It means vaping is safe, right?..… right!!!


It USED to be safe, … before it wasn’t anymore …

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What a crazy speech