What are your top 2 flavors from different flavor makers?

I have to agree with the Butterscotch Ripple, Vanilla Custard, Milk & Honey, Vanilla Ice Cream and Italian Cream.
I also use a lot of FA’s Soho, Flavorah’s Red Burley, Kentucky and Turkish and of course Inawera’s Black for Pipe.
I’ve got Jungle Flavors Biscuit because I heard it was better than the other biscuits but I haven’t used it yet since I’m going through a lazy spell that seems to last forever.
So, more than two but not the extensive list that @Mjag came up with, same laziness issue here :blush:


This will take awhile but I think a pattern will develop . Top 2 flavors from some companies will be really hard for me and others not so much. I’ll have to make multiple posts but I’ll try to use Mjag’s list as a template.

Liquid Barn

I only use 2 on a regular basis and have kind of a low opinion of of the line in general, particularly their fruits. I have not tried the entire line and maybe I haven’t spent enough time to know how to use them. Nevertheless :slight_smile:

  1. LB Root Beer. I use this a lot and think its the best root beer out there.

  2. Vanilla Ice Cream. I’ve used it quite a bit and like it, but personally I have to boost it with others or push the percentage beyond where I like to go.


Like Mjag I don’t use many of their flavors but there are a few must haves I use a lot of. I looked at my stash and have 26. There are less than ten that get regular use.

  1. Vanilla Whipped Cream. I use this stuff a lot. I’ve tried several others and this is the whipped cream I reach for.

  2. New York Cheesecake. I’ve used a lot of this but like many of this brand, I think there are better ones or at least that suit my palate better.

  3. Golden Pineapple. I have several but seem to use more of this.

  4. Lemon Lime. I am a lemon and lime freak.

I have specific uses for Butter Cream, Golden Butter, Cake Batter, Cinnamon Danish Swirl, Double Apple, Lemon Meringue Pie, Sugar Cookie, and Vanilla Cupcake.

To be continued…

Edit. Juicy Lemon belongs in this list somewhere.


Liquid Barn

  • Vanilla Ice Cream: As I suspect many will say so I don’t need to go into much detail there.

Don’t have too many LB (4) the others are ok but nothing that stands out as excellent


  • Vanilla Custard: Same as @mjag although I do find I am using in less than I used to in favour of a couple of other custards I like.

  • Graham Cracker: this is a fantastic flavour I love the slight cinnamon note

Honourable mentions to Sweet Strawberry, Cake Batter, Cinnamon Danish Swirl and Coconut (yup I know a lot of people think suntan lotion but I do like it but it has to be low or it will turn you into a beach bum)


  • Coconut Candy: For exactly the same reason as Mike
  • Brown Sugar: this is a fantastic brown sugar and works extremely well with creams/custards to give them a dark sweetness.

So many to choose from.

  • Sweet coconut: Probably my most used FLV great in creams down way low to help with mouthfeel awesome for boosting other coconuts
  • Vanilla Custard: Not the strongest of the flv flavours but still great (i use it in a custard base at 1.2% paired with inw 1.5% and Custard Premium FA 2%)
  • Jammy berry - love this one add it to any berry and get your self a rich full syrupy jam

Flv have some fantastic flavours Apricot, Pear, Red Raspberry (not authentic like raspberry cordial), Alpine Strawberry, Elderflower list could go on.

One on One
I only have 2 and they are both good but not super duper strong.

  • Cream (Milky Undertones) great paired .8% milk undertones with WF Milk (.5%) for a milkshake (even tho there are some great milkshake bases out there)
  • Powdered sugar - exactly as advertised I dunno how but you can almost get the grit is not far off a couple of the cotton candy type flavours and can be used as a sweetener. I can taste it down quite low it is almost essential in any doughnut recipe

Vape Train Australia
There are some very good flavours on offer from VTA my top rated are

  • Sugarloaf Pineapple (awesome paired with funky pineapple from Molinberry (1:1 to your taste)
  • Mango Juice - has a thickness to it that no other mango has and works well with island mango from wf
  • Vanilla buttercream frosting
  • Chocolate Mousse
  • Chocolate Custard
  • Golden Syrup

Wonder Flavors.

  • Coconut Custard
  • Tahitian Vanilla
  • Flapper Pie
  • Frozen Yogurt
    Damn just get the whole line and play with them they are generally very true to their name and quite forgiving and easy to work with.

Well the granddaddy of all really probably the most consistent flavour house with many great flavours (more great than dud)

  • Custard Premium - I know you guys in the states have to get hold of it from chefs or FA UK but get a 100ml when you do and thank me later.
  • Forrest Mix - a lot of people are undecided about this one but I love it - back it with some strawberry and cream or custard and it is hard to put down
  • Oba Oba - overlooked by many this is a great flavour hard to describe this one but I would say a vanilla/creamy soda with hints of the hard shell around a smartie (like I said hard to describe)
  • White Peach - has a little TH but it can be worked around and does settle after a week.

I use a bunch of others but these are the ones I always have in large bottles

DIY Flavor Shack
Holy Vanilla is currently all I have from them but I do have the v2 coming as well for testing (and the v1 and v2 holy holy ry4). I believe these are all made up from TPA flavours which is a testament to the skill of Dawn who mixed em)

Flavour West
I only have a couple of

  • Berry Cobbler is excellent
  • Butterscotch Ripple is also very good

Real Flavors SC
I have most of the RF line there are some standouts that are excellent

  • Aged Bourbon cream is probably my all time favourite from them around 1.5%
  • Yumberry is a great flavour at around .9% hard to describe as it is quite unique (WF Yangmei is also yumberry and comes close. Do not ever buy FW Yumberry you could run your car on it and get better mileage than when using petrol)
  • Strawberry is a great flavour but needs to be backed with another (shisha SB from INW is a good pair)

Graham Cracker, Coconut, Pineapple, Blue Raz, Any of their soda flavours, SB Kiwi are a few of the others I always have in big bottles

Damn this is getting long.

I worry about supply from NR same as mjag I have been caught out as well with the Toasted Coconut Mango Sherbet which they decided not to carry anymore
But favs are

  • Toasted Coconut Mango Sherbet
  • Toasted Coconut Cheesecake
  • Country Apple

The Purilum flavours can be purchased directly from Purilum but the MOQ is 5 Gallon and I am not quite using enough to warrant a purchase that big (i dunno if it is 5 gal per flavour or 5 gal total)


Yup totally these two

  • Custard - is right up there it has an eggy note that so many custards on the market are missing


  • Banana Cream - it has a better mouthfeel but quite a similar taste to the TPA I like it a little more.
  • Cream Cheese Icing.
  • Butter Rum - that shit is the bomb one of my favourites for sure.


  • Italian cream
  • Caramel toffee
  • French Vanilla Ice Cream
    are all great they are quite strong 1% ish


  • Funky Pineapple - super ripe delicious and yummy
  • Glamour Chocolate I have to work on this a bit more since I think I can push it to replace the INW milk Choc original that I will soon run out of
    Molinberry have a bunch of great flavours they are not super strong but Marcelina and her Hubby used to work for inw (I believe they were inw flavour boffins)

A few randoms

Decadent Vapours

  • Rhubarb Cuddle
  • Crystal Clear (Crystal Blue is the same but with blue colouring)
  • Absinthe is excellent

Flavour Express

  • Lemon (awesome lemon but pretty exxy I am 95% sure that Health Cabin Lemon is the same at 1/4 the price ($12 Aud wholesale for 100ml)
  • Mango (have the health cabin mango here to test against the FE to see if they are the same too)
  • Sweet Rice

Medicine Flower

  • Wild Raspberry - is unmatched by any other on the market I have tried
  • Lemon - is also very very good
  • Dark Chocolate
  • Nectarine
  • Peach

Health Cabin

  • Lemon as mentioned (i am still testing their offerings that are now called vape elf)

Damn, I appear not to be as lazy as first thought :rofl:

I am however too lazy to proofread it so there may be typos and other rubbish which I will fix when it isn’t 2 am


Great idea, gonna add that to the list of things to do :+1:

Forgot about that one but yeah, it is an excellent Root Beer. Flavorah makes a great RB too but I don’t think there is a drastic difference between the 2, I just stuck with LB’s version.

OK, gonna add that to the shopping list

Already on the list

I need that one and yeah, Frozen Yogurt is another goodie. I agree, WF I have been very impressed with so far, can’t think of a flavor I have gotten from them that is off putting.

I might order that today

Gotta try some Molinberry but not available at my normal shopping sites. Going to pick some up the next time I am ordering nic at vaperstek or maybe BCF or NicRiv will begin carrying the line.


I like them substantially better than VapersTek. Huge selection of brands and hard to find stuff under one roof.

GremlinDIY also sells a few. (I recently bought Cookie Bite there.)

Also, you won’t regret LA Butter Rum for even a millisecond if you like the candy of the same name by Life Savers! It nails it, and you can generally stay in low percentages (1-3% IMO), even lower if used as an accent.


I forgot about them, good looking out bro :+1:

This one caught my eye too, I have been called a that on a few occasions so yeah, might have to order it :facepunch:


Continuing… next on Mjag’s list is TFA.

For some bizarre reason I feel like I don’t use much from TFA but I have more than 50 in my stash. I suppose it is because I’m put off by being a pepper taster and have some odd reaction to what I believe is a chemical used in flavors containing whatever vanilla they use. I get a very strong foul taste which can not be what others are experiencing. TFA creams and custards are out for me. My worst reaction is with Cap Vanilla Custard which seems to be everyone’s favorite.

I do use several other TFA.

  1. Banana Nut Bread-- It needs a little help but one of my favorites and really versatile.

  2. TFA Peanut Butter–again I use this a lot but have lately been using their DX PB.

  3. Coconut Candy - for the same reasons others gave.

I also use Graham Cracker Clear - Key Lime - Ginger Ale - Brown Sugar- the Strawberries and Blueberries - and Vanilla Cupcake all on a pretty regular basis.


So Many really good ones and some real duds.

  1. Apple Filling is one I would not want to do without.

  2. Creme De Menthe – If I have an all day vape this is probably it. I use FA Cocoa with this for an Andes Mint type vape. Delicious and simple.

  3. Sweet Coconut. See above posts by others. Delicious.

I also use FLV Custard, Vanilla Custard, and Vanilla pudding quite a bit.

Edit. I use Frosting all the time.


That is a flavor I have been meaning to get back to, any tips on the best way to use it?

I agree on the TFA Vanilla comment, there is something off with it, much better vanilla flavors out there.


I think its pretty authentic and really versatile. but definitely not a SA. I boost the banana with one of my 2 favorites which I consider both to be authentic banana rather than candy. My favorite is Flavor Revolution Ripe Banana at about 1% with this or Wonder Flavors Banana Puree a touch stronger. I’ve also used FA Bano. Then the bread needs a boost and I use INW Biscuit. Here is a recipe from Rinvapes that I’ve made and its IMO very good. She mixes light.

I use WF Tahitian Vanilla in place of the Vanilla Swirl and use Cap vanilla whipped cream instead of TFA. I’ve also added Shisha Strawberry to this and liked it. Boosting the nutty aspect can also be nice.


Thank you for the leeway! :laughing:
I’ve been putting this off because I know that I would invariably forget to mention something I enjoy, and I don’t want to short change a flavor that deserves a mention (which is strange AF to both say as well as realize lol).
Kind of says “you know you’re a flavor addict when…” doesn’t it? :smirk:

But, no time like the present I guess. I mean, I can always kick myself later right? :roll_eyes:

So! Off we go.


  • Shisha Strawberry. Hands down my favorite overall strawberry. This comes the closest to a single, well rounded, complete strawberry that I’ve encountered.
  • Raspberry (Malina).
    Other must haves: Peach, Pear, Dragon Fruit (Pitaya), Cherries, and Biscuit.
    RIP: Chocolate Cream (original formula)


  • Apple Filling. Hands down the BEST overall representation of the core of an apple pie in need of the least “help”. Just have to add your preferred crust.
  • Frosting. Ultra versatile, and very satisfying.
    Other must haves: Boysenberry, Creme de Menthe, Pound Cake, Pralines, and of course Rich Cinnamon!


  • Caramel v1. Far and away my favorite Caramel.
  • Cinnamon Danish Swirl. Great flavor, and plays nicely with other brands and flavors.
  • Marshmallow. Another super versatile flavor, that brings a nice sweetness and great mouth-feel.
  • Sugar Cookie. Just get it.
    Other must haves: Blueberry Cinnamon Crumble, Harvest Berry, Lemon Meringue Pie, and Vanilla Custard v1.
    RiP: French Toast and Waffle and all the others that have been lost due to the paranoia over D/A/AP. :cry:

Flavor West

  • Butterscotch Natural. Easily the best general (reasonably priced) butterscotch on the market.
  • Blueberry. As above. Best overall blueberry IMO.
  • Coffee (sometimes sold as Cafe Coffee). Great all around coffee flavor. Use at 1% or less! Kind of a medium roast.

The Flavor Apprentice

  • Acetyl Pyrazine 5%.
  • Graham Cracker (clear).
  • Bananas Foster.
    Other must haves: Bavarian Cream, Berry (Crunch) Cereal, Cinnamon Danish, and Toasted Marshmallow.


  • Cookie. This one took awhile to fully appreciate. Definitely better in a mix than in SFT’s. But it’s definitely got game (as well as a safe place on the shelf!) A great cookie foundation.
  • Forest Fruit. One of the two main flavors that got me off of cigarettes early in! (the other being Harvest Berry (Cap).)
  • Strawberry (Red Touch). Great accent to round out the slight bit missing from Ina’s Shisha SB.
    Other noteworthy: Meringue, Zeppola, Nonna’s Cake

Nature’s Flavors

  • Red Apple. This is absolutely required for anyone who loves (or even just enjoys) an authentic red apple!! This is the secret weapon for what’s missing on ALL the other apples on the market IMO! But be warned!! Go EXTREMELY sparingly with it. Only a drop or two (to start) in 30ml (until you find your footing)!


  • Butter Rum. Nothing else like it, and I love it!
    Noteworthy: largely disappointed in this brand in the ones I’ve tried. They failed to meet the basic profile in almost every one I’ve tried, and after about a dozen, I gave up on them.
    Their ‘Natural’ line is an utter fucking joke.

Same here. I’m so far behind testing though…

Vape Train was probably my single biggest brand disappointment. While several of the flavors I tried were good, they ALL seemed to have a throat hit that just would NOT steep out. I don’t have a clue what is causing this, but I can only guess that it has to be something in their base carrier formulation (PG, alcohol, something…)
:thinking: perhaps Kangaroo or Koala dander in the air? :crazy_face: J/K VTA!

Anyways, I’m sure there will be many I want to add to the list (either once I’ve done more testing, or get a better grip on how to use some I’ve struggled with), but this is where I’m at for the moment.


Hmmmm :thinking: I think your on too something :laughing::rofl:

I haven’t noticed much harshness with the VTA I have, any specific flavors that are the worst offenders?

Great lists from everyone so far, keep adding to my shopping cart. Hesitant to order until I test the stupid amount of flavors I haven’t gotten to yet…soooooo want to order though…want want want :grin:


Honeycomb stands out in the memory…

I do have to recant though. I had NO problem with VTA Chocolate Mousse. That was the only one (as I recall).


Maybe a “search the forum for this flavor” button could be worthwhile?


I’d prefer to have the notes over on the recipe side where they can be contained but I’ll take a look at it as another route.

It will also depend on how the flavour name is formatted on the forum, if you use company abbreviations you would only be able to search for the flavour name which could return too many results


Yeah I guess it would be a can of worms. Told ya i wuz digitally dumb. Lol


It might be but only one way to find out :+1:


Thanks again for posting that link, there selection is huge compared to what I remember. I got a lot of flavors that I had wanted for a long time but were hard to find. There WF prices are high but the Flavorah prices are excellent for 30ml. Was going to order Molinberry from them but with NR sale and it being 15ml instead of 10ml it was a order with NR instead for that.

My wallet may not be happy with you but my flavor selection gives you a big :+1::grin:


Continuing…attempting to follow Mjag’s list.

I have not tried One on One but I’m sure at some point I will try them.

Vape Train Australia

  1. My most used is Milkshake Base. I started out pretty high and now use it around 1%. I think a better name would be malted milkshake base. Works great.

  2. Pudding Base - Versatile and works well for pudding type vapes. Good stuff.

  3. Honeycomb - I use this with VT English Toffee and various other things I’ve tried. All are works in progress but I like this, just haven’t found the right combination.

I have several others that I think are good, but think there are better options. I intend to revisit them. I am using their Lemon Tart one shot and will likely buy it again.

Wonder Flavors

Around the time I started buying VT, I began trying WF. Simon is right; just buy the whole line. It’s pretty hard to pick 2 or 3 because there are so many that I’m using constantly. There are a few that I don’t care for but that’s to be expected with every brand.

  1. Fruit Salad.
  2. Banana Puree
  3. Shortbread Cookie- Almond Cookie
  4. Flapper Pie
  5. Peach Pie and Cream
  6. Nanaimo Bar
  7. Vanilla Cream Extra-- Tahitian Vanilla- Vanilla Ice Cream- all others vanilla’s

I could rewrite this list an hour from now and it would change. Soon I will get to my favorites lol.


I like the Honeycomb too but like you still searching for the right combo.

That Flapper Pie, every time I go to order it is always out or they don’t carry it, need me some of that. That Vanilla Cream Extra is some tasty stuff, got not long ago but gotta get into more mixes.