What are your top 2 flavors from different flavor makers?

Honeycomb stands out in the memory…

I do have to recant though. I had NO problem with VTA Chocolate Mousse. That was the only one (as I recall).


Maybe a “search the forum for this flavor” button could be worthwhile?


I’d prefer to have the notes over on the recipe side where they can be contained but I’ll take a look at it as another route.

It will also depend on how the flavour name is formatted on the forum, if you use company abbreviations you would only be able to search for the flavour name which could return too many results


Yeah I guess it would be a can of worms. Told ya i wuz digitally dumb. Lol


It might be but only one way to find out :+1:


Thanks again for posting that link, there selection is huge compared to what I remember. I got a lot of flavors that I had wanted for a long time but were hard to find. There WF prices are high but the Flavorah prices are excellent for 30ml. Was going to order Molinberry from them but with NR sale and it being 15ml instead of 10ml it was a order with NR instead for that.

My wallet may not be happy with you but my flavor selection gives you a big :+1::grin:


Continuing…attempting to follow Mjag’s list.

I have not tried One on One but I’m sure at some point I will try them.

Vape Train Australia

  1. My most used is Milkshake Base. I started out pretty high and now use it around 1%. I think a better name would be malted milkshake base. Works great.

  2. Pudding Base - Versatile and works well for pudding type vapes. Good stuff.

  3. Honeycomb - I use this with VT English Toffee and various other things I’ve tried. All are works in progress but I like this, just haven’t found the right combination.

I have several others that I think are good, but think there are better options. I intend to revisit them. I am using their Lemon Tart one shot and will likely buy it again.

Wonder Flavors

Around the time I started buying VT, I began trying WF. Simon is right; just buy the whole line. It’s pretty hard to pick 2 or 3 because there are so many that I’m using constantly. There are a few that I don’t care for but that’s to be expected with every brand.

  1. Fruit Salad.
  2. Banana Puree
  3. Shortbread Cookie- Almond Cookie
  4. Flapper Pie
  5. Peach Pie and Cream
  6. Nanaimo Bar
  7. Vanilla Cream Extra-- Tahitian Vanilla- Vanilla Ice Cream- all others vanilla’s

I could rewrite this list an hour from now and it would change. Soon I will get to my favorites lol.


I like the Honeycomb too but like you still searching for the right combo.

That Flapper Pie, every time I go to order it is always out or they don’t carry it, need me some of that. That Vanilla Cream Extra is some tasty stuff, got not long ago but gotta get into more mixes.


Just tried this and it is pretty damn good as a shake n vape. Gonna try it with your subs as well when I get off my lazy ass :grin:


What percentage do you like this at? Got some a little while back and wanted to.use it in a waffle recipe with some powdered sugar sprinkled on top

I used it in a wip candy profile (the musk can be subbed out with any other fruit or candy profile you wish.

Elon's Stick

Ingredients %
Candy Stick Candy (SC) - Wonder Flavours (SC) 2.00
Fizzy Sherbet - Vape Train Australia 2.00
Pixie Stick Candy (SC) - Wonder Flavours (SC) 1.00
Powdered Sugar - One On One 1.00
Sweet Candy - Capella Euro Series 1.00
Sweet Musk - Vape Train Australia 1.00

Flavor total: 8.00%

I have used in a donut recipe as well but that is not even close to be able to publish - i used it at a similar % in the donut but it got a bit stomped on.


I am thinking I won’t call it Elon’s Stick but it sure is damn funny :rofl:

Looks like a good recipe, gonna give it a shot without Musks shlong :wink:

I like that Sweet Candy so far but have you noticed fading with it? As a shake n vape it really adds a nice candy feel but faded quick for me at .50 %, tried it again at 1% but waiting for it to steep.


It smells like it has a heap of EM in it so check the other concentrates you mixed with - that one is a first mix and is still steeping so i will def check for fade.


Finally continuing after being sidetracked:


My favorites though my most used may surprise some. FA are nearly all authentic but I don’t use any as standalones. Close on occasion, but I think best considered and used as mixers and accents. Excluding tobaccos and floral types, I have nearly all made by FA. So I’ll list my most used:

  1. Custard. Not premium or Pi which I’ve never tasted. I use tons of FA custard mostly with fruits. HIC describes it as Gelato rather than what we American’s consider custard. I agree and use it with lemon, lime, raspberry, orange, coconut, grapefruit, cinnamon, pumpkin , and near everything else. However, I often mix 50/50 with my second most often used - Vienna Cream which does push it more into the pudding type custards others make.

  2. Vienna Cream. Used as above or with Fresh Cream, a vanilla and ______ gives me a good start on an ice cream type vape. I use it a lot.

  3. Lemon Sicily. I love this stuff though it does a disappearing act. I combine with Cap Juicy lemon and MF lemon.

I use FA vanilla’s all the time. Vanilla classic is likely the most used but I think Vanilla Tahiti works better with fruits. The new Vanilla Ice Cream and Bavarian are very good. However, lately I have been using WF vanilla’s.

For Cheesecake I think FA New York is the most authentic though I have used lots of others including Purilum which I also consider very good.


I have stopped buying Purilum for reasons already stated by others. I do think that some are very good.

  1. Heaven. This has been a staple for me for quite some time and always have a tank full. I use it SA.
  2. Ambrosia. Ditto.
  3. Grape soda. Another favorite.


  1. Pumpkin pie.
  2. French Vanilla Ice Cream.

I have several others but have had problems with getting consistent flavors from batch to batch. I attribute this to re-bottling by sellers and possibly age and am hesitant to continue using them.


Banana Cream
Cream Cheese Icing.


Anyone ever try Flavor Revolution? I just got in 9 of there flavors from Nicotine River clearance section. There clearance section is pretty good, a lot of flavors I had to stock up on anyway, not just flavors no one is buying. They say the flavors are not discontinued, just reducing inventory.

Anyway back to Flavor Revolution. I bought a lot of new flavors during the clearance sale, probably about 50 or so. Whenever I get a new flavor shipment I open each bottle and take a sniff or 10 to try and guess what the flavor is before looking at the label. I do this to gauge the potency and authenticity of the flavor, if it smells like a peach cobbler right away without me knowing what the label says then it gets moved to the front of the line to try. I have to say, I was able to correctly guess 6 of the 9 Flavor Revolution flavors. The 3 that had me stumped were the Bakery Bonanza as the cinnamon threw me off, thought maybe it was FA Cinnamon Ceylon. Pumpkin Cake because the pumpkin is light but after seeing the label and smelling it again I thought, ok, I can work with this, it is not an abomination like LB Pumpkin Pie. The last one I missed was Vanilla Blast which was disappointing as I heard good things about it but maybe it will mix well like I have heard.
The FR Vanilla Custard, Vanilla Cream, Sweet Strawberry, Caramel, Butterscotch and Peach Cobbler it only took me 1 or 2 sniffs to guess correctly. The Caramel and Butterscotch do have a Butric Acid smell to them though, thinking they won’t be a favorite but you never know, will just use low. I like the smell of the Peach Cobbler, smells more authentic than the CAP Peaches & Cream I just got too.

I got in flavors from almost all the flavoring companies aside from Medicine Flower and Molinberry, had ordered those already. The Flavor Revolution definitely stood out as the most impressive to smell, hopefully that translates into a tasty vape.

Other standouts from a sniff POV were PUR Sweet Tobacco, very light tobacco but smells damn good, a little ry4-ish but not exactly. It does have this sweet smell to it but I am having a hard time nailing down what the other flavors are, all I know is I like the smell a lot.

PUR Peanut Butter Cookie is another good one, it smells spot on.

TFA Cinnamon Sugar Cookie smells delicious.

TFA Quince sure is interesting, I have a feeling I am going to like that, maybe with a little caramel.

FA Irish Cream, I have no idea why I never had this flavor but it smells good.

PUR Butter Pecan. They need to get PUR Butter Pecan Praline Ice Cream back in stock, gonna buy a big bottle when they do. The BP is close but not as good as BPPIC, that shit is bomb but works best with 0.50% RFSC Butter Pecan Pie.


The only Flavor Revolution I use on a regular basis is their Ripe Banana and its probably my favorite banana. Its authentic tasting to me and not a candy banana like so many others. Lately I’ve been mixing 1 to 1 with WF Banana Puree in a strawberry banana mix my wife vapes constantly. I’d post it but I’m still working on it.


I agree with this and it is also the only FR I have but I will have to have a closer look me thinks


I didn’t get that one but it is on the list now, pretty sure it is one of the 25% off discounted flavors


@Mjag I ordered all the FR that were in the clearance section they arrived today - there are certainly some nice ones in the bunch the standout (knuckle test only so far) was the strawberry cantaloupe - I cant wait to get that in a mix


I don’t even think I saw that one but now it is on the list. I just checked and they finally got Pur BPPIC in stock, been checking everyday, gonna place an order tonight and added that FR SC and ripe banana. Any other FR flavors you think are worth a shot?