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Wednesday 30th May 2018

  • Float calculations
  • Recipe calculations should be accurate now
  • Avatar will default if you don’t have one (still a problem with discourse SSO avatar URL, manually fixing atm)
  • Build a base from recipe create
  • Set default base values when creating a recipe
  • Working on a “Save This” button only shown on recipes not owned by you
  • Upvotes now work as intended
  • Some minor bug fixes

Thursday 31st May 2018

  • Added Public Recipe Update detection
  • Began moving things around to make room for the front page stats and to allow a public view of the recipes
  • Started re-working Flavour selection on create recipe page to allow for better styling
  • Recoded flavour stash to make it more efficient (Still not finished) (locked)
  • Re-built header menus for better transitioning from desktop to mobile
  • Added visual percentage bar to recipes from public
  • Minor optimisations to code

Friday 1st June 2018

  • Added Vapocolypse Calculator
  • Minor code cleanup

Saturday 2nd June 2018

  • Added user recipe page (click the username on the public recipe list)

Sunday 3rd june 2018

Monday 4th June 2018

  • Reworked navigations
  • Built my own flavour select drop downs and styled them a little
  • Started adding logos for the flavour company’s on the stash
  • Re-modelled some page urls
  • Save this button now works, simply click it to save another public recipe as yours

Tuesday 5th June 2018

  • Strip empty flavour inputs on save/update
  • Added a “public” button in nav to get back to public recipes for convenience
  • If viewing your recipe, edit button shown
  • Improved flavour search (create)

Wednesday 6th June 2018

  • Fixed the stash, should only show the ones you “switched” now thanks @GameChanger
  • Count how many times a flavour has been used (still buggy)
  • Update form is now using the new search / dropdown search
  • Re-designed the flavour search / dropdowns
  • Added the flavour used count to flavour search / dropdowns
  • Updated flavour list courtsey of @woftam :tada:
  • “Edit your recipe” button on recipe calc / view screen
  • “Start a discussion” link on recipes
  • Tons of recoding

Thursday 7th June 2018

  • Added a cookie to check your login
  • Removed some bad stash flavours
  • Added a nod to the original recipe when using “save this” button
  • Added recipe comments
  • Added some error handling to create a recipe form
  • Changed the flavour search slightly
  • Added a check for minus PG and VG values
  • Fixed steeptime values not sending

Saturday 9th June

  • View your recipe direct on the create page with the “view” button

Monday 18th June

  • The recipe table will auto update as you create
  • Added recipe and flavour comment control
  • Remodelled and restyled the stats page (home)
  • Added rating and the number of times a flavour is used to the flavour table
  • Added recipe monitoring
  • Started building the backend to admin
  • Recoded calculator and added checks in create / update
  • Better stats
  • Flavour monitoring
  • Flavour rating fixes
  • Tons of minor code changes

Ok, finally got around to doing some work on the calculator, apologies for the delay.

I have fixed up some admin side coding, I can now process new flavour suggestions, please remember to suggest a URL so I can check that the flavour does indeed exist.

Correct Spelling and capitalization also appreciated.


Added a One Shot - No Nic calculation.



Re-coded the menus:



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Your avatar should now be consistent across the calculator side.

If you change your avatar here, it will be a case of re-logging on the calculator to update the changes. This can be done at any time.

Added checks for groups.

Viewing the flavour list now has clickable links to each flavour + user link

Cntrl + left click to open in new tab


Added the user link to notes and removed “Public Notes” sub header

Adapting a recipe couldn’t be simpler.

Find the recipe you want to adapt.

Click the Action dropdown and select “Adapt This”


Once adapted, click the save button. Please change the title of the recipe to remove confusion.

Things to Note:

  • You need to be logged in to save the adaptation

  • You can adapt a recipe without being logged in

  • You cannot adapt an adaptation, instead you will be presented with a link to the original.


  • Recipe notes and steep time will be stripped when adapting.

Added a more visible indication that you are looking at a copy of an exisiting recipe.

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Fixed the create page flavour selection to work when not logged in.

Added a new way to add / remove stash flavours.

Simply type in the search box and click the flavour you want to add

Your current stash flavours will be highlighted green, click them to remove them.

Enjoy :v:


Added “Save New” action to recipe update page.



For those of you who may not know, you can see recipes that use a particular flavour on the flavour page, as well as comment and set a rating, I’ll be tweaking this as time goes on.


Made the recipe details a little easier to read at a glance.



@anon96380778 There was no way for your flavour stash to update after changing your username so I have manually updated it :+1:


Recipes will now show your stash flavours as highlighted rows:



You didn’t have to do that brother! You made it simple enough for me to do it easily!


It would have added new ones under your new name, I need to add a check if I’m going to allow username changes


You can live search recipes using the following as keywords:

  • Flavour name
  • Flavour company name
  • Username

Added a check and notification for upvotes: