Vaping Community E-liquid Calculator Changes



Stamped out all minor backend errors and warnings throughout the site.



Some cosmetic changes, menu icons and button colour change


(STASH) Shopping List

You can now add flavours from a recipe to your shopping list, click the blue + next to a recipe flavour.
If you have it in your shopping list you will see a blue “i” hovering over it will tell you its in your shopping list.


Manage your shopping list, see which recipe you grabbed the flavours from, you can delete unwanted flavours or move them to your stash

When moving a flavour to your stash you will be presented with an amount popup to enter the amount in ML’s, if the move is successful the flavour will then be removed from your shopping list.


Flavour Reviews

You can now leave a review on a flavour, one review per person, per flavour.

The review will contain:

  • Name
  • Avatar
  • Rating
  • Date of review
  • How much you paid
  • Bottle Size
  • URL where you bought the flavour
  • Summary
  • Review

The Form:

Your Review:

Keeping track of your reviews, includes edit and delete.

Let me know what you think of this idea and if I missed something, tell me :wink:


Flavour Stash:

Requested by @woftam and a great addition. See how many of each companies flavours you have.


Awesome @Grubby . Just Awesome mate


Flavour page:

Flavour notes will return at some point


Flavour review page:

Broken :laughing:


Flavour Page:

Flavour Notes are back, you have the choice to add in your single flavour percentage too.

Note: There is no way to manage these atm

Thanks to @woftam for his help on the following fixes / updates

Create Page:

  • You can now add flavour percentage to 0.01%
  • Using flavour stones should not interfere with saving your recipe
  • Insert URL’s into recipe notes


From the pic, looks like there might be a glitch with the ratings system :wink:


Nah, it is showing me my rating, which is 0, should probably change that to show the overall rating


nah… if you were in your stash… then it’s working perfect! :thumbsup:

I was just thinking it was from the flavor page or such. MY bad!


No, it is on the flavour page, I had it set to show you your rating, changed it to show the average rating now, although there is 6 stars, the first being 0… :thinking: :laughing:


Fixed, thanks for the feedback.


So I guess you tried it and didn’t like it?


Sorry, no, I hadn’t voted on it, so it was set to 0, I should be more clear :smile:


@Aintnooartylikeanscl I’ve added all of DripHacks one shots to the DB, you should be able to select them in your recipes now :+1:


Added all of Flavour Boss’ One shots to the master flavour list


Brilliant work grubby, absolutely top class


Flavour Notes:

You can now view and manage your flavour notes