Vaping Community E-liquid Calculator Changes


Same here, I was looking at my old recipes the other day and couldn’t remember what was what, so this solves that.



Thinking of adding a recipes made table to DB that will store all your recipes and in the case you accidentally delete one you can recover it.



Recipe Backups:

Every recipe you make will be backed up and recoverable in the event you accidentally delete it, the backups will be updated when you update your current recipe so you always have an up to date backup.

I will add a recovery page at some point, recovery should be as simple as clicking a button.



That will be very helpful. I’m going through that right now with my wife’s favorite mix. Can’t remember what i did and have now heard it about 50 times. Oh I’ll remember…uh huh, sure I will LOL.



@DaveDave You can download your stash as CSV, I’m looking at adding an upload feature for it depending on how secure I can make it.


There are multiple ways to add flavours to your stash.

Via the official Stash page

Via the master flavour list

Via individual flavours

Via a recipe



While I’m at it, I’ll look into recipe export / import, I imagine it will be a lot more complicated. :thinking:

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Hey @Grubby,
Super fucking cool that you would take the time to do this.

– My issue with this setup is that I have to add my flavors FIRST, on the web site, then I can get to the amounts of each flavor. I’m quite a bit behind.
I’m working on a project at the moment, and will add my flavors when I can.

Thanks !




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Could you have that as a pop-up when adding a new recipe, for us 3M DIY types? :laughing:



It’s an email that will be sent on the morning of the steep…

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In all seriousity that’s a pretty cool idea. Fair play!



It’s an added feature, took me longer to achieve than I wanted mind



Steep Notification Email

Hopefully it works now and you receive a message like this when your recipe hits the suggested steep time you entered.

If you don’t enter a steep time you won’t receive an email.

Note: The steep time will start from the day you mixed a recipe using the Mix This button.



Great continuing work on the calculator grubby, having issues editing the recipe via mobile though (just a heads up, not having a go by any means) when you change the recipe it doesn’t update, tried saving as a new rev just in ase and the old totals are still there too



Feedback is always appreciated, thanks!

I just tried and it worked for me, when did you have the problem?



I think I see the issue, when you create / update a recipe you are sent to the recipe page which doesn’t show the base values from the update page, I have a fix I’m going to put in today that should solve this, thanks for the heads up :+1:

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Not a problem,



Recipe Page:

For users not logged in:
You will see values of 0 in each input for every recipe

For users logged in with default base values:
You will see your base defaults in each input when viewing a recipe that IS NOT yours

For users logged in without default base values:
You will see 0 in each input when viewing a recipe that IS NOT yours

For users logged in with or without base defaults:
You will see your recipe values you entered in the create / update page



Update Page:

Your base values should update now from the update and save new buttons



Recipe Revisions:

Saving a new recipe from the update page ie. A revision, will now keep track of your revision number on the original recipe regardless of whether you save new from a revision or the original.

if you delete a revision the revision number will not decrease.