Vaping Community E-liquid Calculator Changes


Nicely done sir


If anyone can visit this page and tell me what you see, it would be much appreciated, thanks


It was blank till i logged in


Ah, yeah, I should put a check in for that.

It should only show recipes where the complete flavour selection in a recipe matches your stash flavours.


What Can I Make?

See what recipes you can make with your current stash, where the selection of recipe flavours match your stash flavours.


Mine (your recipe page):

Added public / private share links to your recipe table

Note: The private link will expire after 1 view


Private Recipe Examples:

Public Recipe Examples:

Your Recipe Page:


Mixed Recipes:


See which recipes you’ve mixed, works for all recipes mixed using the Mix This button.


That sounds like a killer feature!!! :tada:
Double thanks for this!


Recipe Page:

After mixing a recipe you can now update your stash amounts using the Update Stash Amounts button on the recipe page.

Note: If you have an amount of 0 it will not remove anything.

Note: There are no checks in place to see if you have the flavours in your stash yet. In that event it will just do nothing


Flavour Stones:

Added Edit / Delete buttons to flavour stones, if you edit a flavour stone name it will automagically change it in all recipes.

Deleting a stone will not remove it from recipes.


Admin Flavours

Any changes made to the flavour DB should reflect right through the site now, including recipes and flavour stash.

Removing flavours from the master list WILL NOT remove them from your recipe, so expect errors for now.


Flavour Page:

Add a flavour to your stash from the flavour page


Recipe Page:

Add flavours from a recipe to the stash, User Defined and Stones will not be added.


Recipe Page:

Fixed some Issues with links and buttons not working on mobile


Flavour Page:

Added the number of ratings a flavour has.



Flavour Suggestion Page:

Added a searchable drop down for company name / link to suggest new company name.


Introducing Revisions

When editing your recipes you will have the option to update or save your current recipe, when using the Save New button you will create a new revision of your recipe with the suffix Rev-n, where n is the revision number, making it easy to look back at previous versions.

When your recipe is complete, simply rename it and click update or if you are ready to release the recipe, simply untick private, rename it and click update.


That is awesome @Grubby well done :tada:


Cheers mate, took me ages, still might be buggy, for example, if you save the original recipe again you get another Rev-2, I have a fix but didn’t have time to do it today, maybe tomorrow


Nonetheless an fantastic addition I can’t count the number of times I have lost an original that was better than V X