Vaping Community E-liquid Calculator Changes


Sharing Recipes:

When using the Copy To Clipboard feature the flavours will now be a URL to the flavour page.

Irish Cream

Ingredients %
Irish Cream - Flavour Art 4.00
Cream Fresh - Flavour Art 1.00

Flavor total: 5.00%


@woftam I know you wanted this, so It’s getting done…


Manage Stash Page:

You can now add all of one company to your stash with the click of a button.


Your current stash flavours for that company will be removed and replaced with all flavours from that company.


Manage Stash Page:

Added the total number of flavours per company next to the Add all to stash buttons


Typo in SterlingCloud.


I’ve got more to remember I’m sure, but these are off the cuff. :wink:

PS flavor jungle is actually Jungle Flavors (but fucking renamed by DIYVS (vapor shack)) :roll_eyes:


Eh? What do you mean?


Meaning I didn’t see those brands in the list you were generating for woftam. :wink:


Should be fixed. Thanks

You are more than welcome to suggest them here:


The list is pulled from the DB so anything missing means those flavours have not yet been added.


Sorry, I thought you were manually keying them (to make sure they were 100% accurate.)
Not that I blame you for trying to automate things a bit due to the sheer volume…


God no! :laughing:


Next up on my priority list is the What Can I Make, I need to be able to match the stash to recipe flavours and not just match one of the recipe flavours. I think I have the code to do it.


Recipe Create Page and Update Recipe Page:

Moved the recipe description input underneath the recipe name input


Trying to use Manage my stash and the drop-downs are incomplete. For example Flavor West list stops at flavors beginning at letter C. Others do the same.


Thats a limit on the DB query, it might be easier to use the flavour page instead


@Grubby on do you have any plans to make the flavour company names clickable? To go through to a page with toggles. Just a thought - many ways to do the same thing is always good absolutely no rush or requirement.


That’s a good idea, I’ll do that


I couldn’t find the flavor page LOL. You know me, not the sharpest knife in the drawer when it comes to navigating. I also like the page with toggles like woftam. :+1:



Manage Stash Page:

Company names are now clickable, this will show you the list of flavours with buttons that you can use to add to stash