Vaping Community E-liquid Calculator Changes


You can now add your flavour stash amounts in ML’s

Click on the amount to open the dialog.


I’ll start coding a way to auto calculate the amounts as you use them.


All I can say is wow…


Wow man… so a few additional requests if you can.

Can you set a threshold we can define that will automatically re-order (and flag if there is a current sale code to add), when we run low?

Can you devise a USB device for our laptops with a plug-in to the site that will automatically measure and pour them?

And if possible, a USB interface that will connect to @mrpipes upcoming Doo Hickey that will heat and homogenize too?

Let me know when that’s ready. Because I’d like to see a Gizmo that will fill the squonk bottle for me next.

In other words, you’re really making this too easy man!!!


While you’re at it, what about a export/import to CSV (or Excel) option for Flavors AND amounts ? We could export first, fill out the form locally, save it back as csv (or excel), then import back into the calculator - so we follow your format.

Would love to just download the entire flavor DB (excluding the mfg’s I know I don’t have), delete the entries (flavors) I don’t have, and do a mass import of the flavors I DO Have, including the approx. amounts I think are in each bottle.

Not going to ask for recipes just yet tho.


An import is an absolute no, I like the DB as is, ie. Not broken.

It should be pretty simple to add flavours to the stash using the current format.

There are over 10k flavours in the DB, how many would you delete?


You have 2600 ish flavours?


nope, maybe around 250 - trying to “slim down” my # of flavors :grin:

2500 would be closer to 25% of 10k


Lol derp yes sorry - just having morning coffee :crazy_face:


The way the add to stash is set up is pretty quick (well as quick as is it can be) it will still take time


I’m guessing that it should be tied in via Alexa…


Fixed the Adapt page:

Added a check for Adapt, you should now be able to adapt your own private recipes as well as public recipes thanks to @Aintnooartylikeanscl


Recipe Page:

Recipe page will now use your base defaults if you have any saved.


Flavour Page:

Recipes using that flavour will now use the Recipe Description rather than the Recipe Notes.
Flavours without any public recipes associated with them will display a message.



Flavours Page:

You should now see your stash flavours highlighted in green as you search through the Master Flavour list


Flavours Page:

Add / Remove flavours from your stash using the Flavour Master List


Flavours Page:

Fixed the Jumpy behaviour when using pagination


Just on pagination - minor bug report
When the amount is set to anything above 10 and the page navigation is used to jump to the next page (bottom of paget) it doesn’t auto scroll back to the top of the page. I know it is fresh code and still WIP just thought i would give you a heads up if is wasn’t already on the radar -

Cheers mate it is coming along in leaps and bounds - nice work


It’s not meant to, pagination is only at the bottom of the table so if your using it to scroll through you won’t want to scroll down every time


My Stash page:

You can now delete your stash flavours on the My Flavour Stash page.