Vaping Community E-liquid Calculator Changes


Added a recipe description tooltip, simply hover over the i.
Search terms will match description text now as well.



I get the ‘teasing’… But, I don’t do anything but offer suggestions, or requests (and I try to limit that to when input is solicited).
Whatever gets accepted or declined is up to “The man with the plan”. Not some pissant like me.


But that’s why I’m teasing, man. Sorry, I think it does get in your britches a little. Sorry man, no ill will intended.


Don’t be so harsh on yourself, I listen closely to everyones suggestions and always keep them in mind when I’m coding other parts of the calculator, it is all very useful even if it doesn’t get used.


You didn’t need to delete… It was funny!


Added a Mix button to your recipe list.

This will take you to the recipe page where you can adjust the PG/VG/NIC etc but WILL NOT log / save your mix.


Added an on hover alert to upvotes, it should tell you if you have upvoted already with a Remove Upvote popup.

When searching public recipes you can use a flavour list including company name:

Example 1:

custard strawberry graham

Example 2:

custard capella strawberry capella graham perfumers


Fixed the public recipe default ordering, should now deault to created


You’ve been a busy man!
Again, can’t say enough how much we appreciate all of your efforts and dedication!


Bunch of refactoring and fixes, seems when I code one thing I break another :laughing:


Almost there… Each stone has it’s own ID so I can setup their corresponding page now. Not sure what I broke in the process… :confounded:



Ok, still a WIP but you can now add your stones and use them in a recipe.



[POLL] Flavour stones

If you make the stones private, it would make a public recipe a bit odd to understand I think. How would you work that bit out?


Good point…


Removed stone privacy


Just tossing it out there… But, options are always nice. :wink:

For example, let’s say you have enticed someone who mixes for retail (I’m pretty sure you already have at least one lol)… And they have a special stone they use that they don’t want public.

Now I’m sure they wouldn’t be intentionally publishing a retail recipe publicly to start with, however IF (big if) they accidentally did (most of us have been around forums long enough to have seen the occasional OOPS where someone posted a PO with their personal address, phone, etc… And screenshots/link-clicks are faster than ‘deletes’…

So having the ability to hide the stone info would effectively provide an additional layer of security in such instances (rare as they might be).

Sorry for the “devil’s advocate” bit. Just my usual thoughts (trying to think about every possibility).


Yeah, I did think about that, each recipe you create should be private by default anyway, I can add it back in, I guess there is no harm in having the option.


Private stones are back in as an option, private by default actually…


Maybe add a flag alerting a user that a private stone is in a recipe they are attempting to make public to avoid confusion? Is that tough to do?


Let’s save that for next year :laughing: