Vaping Community E-liquid Calculator Changes


@mrpipes will appreciate that one.


Unfortunately its what people have come to understand…


Ok, changes are live, let me know if you have any problems ASAP, cheers :beers:


Personally I have no desire to use a “top rated” (aka most frequently mixed) feature, as I’ve learned I tend to fall outside the mainstream in comparison to what the majority mixes.

I rely far more on being able to search by ingredients (selecting flavors, and scanning through the resulting list that’s generated). So something that can do that would be far more beneficial to me in particular. But again, knowing that I’m probably in the minority, I have no expectations of such things being a priority (nor should it be, I would imagine).

But, I felt compelled to answer (though seemingly off topic), rather than appear to ignore your request for comments on the idea. :wink:


I tend to mix my own stuff so I would probably not use it much but that said I would still have a peek.

A diy fb group i am in celebrate when one of the recipes hits the top list on atf - but I keep saying it is not a validation since the top list (not most mixed) is the most viewed on atf and since someone posted the link in the group everyone goes for a look - thus making it the top viewed.

Most mixed would maybe be useful but I think one of the great fall downs on elr is the lack of inventory tracking (a hard task I know but it would be super useful) it would of course have to have a mix this button to adjust the inventory.


It’s something I’ve tried to implement and will do again, it’s actually pretty difficult to match all flavours In a recipe when you have 20 recipes.

It’s not quite a priority but it will be done at some point.


Inventory tracking… where do I start…

This is something that would be super complicated to do.

One scenario:

You enter a recipe wrong or decide to change it, it removes the amount from the inventory, now the inventory is useless.

Because of this I think an inventory would be best managed manually.


Hmmmm, a “mixed this” button next to your recipe…

Grab the ML’s and flavour names, remove from your starter amounts…


Ok, I’ll try to setup an inventory and the what can I make.

@Sprkslfly With the what can I make, do you want it to match all the flavours or just return recipes which have at least one flavour you have?


Another thing to note, even though I’ve implemented view and mixed they will not be forced on you, they are just another option to filter results, I’m trying to keep things neutral


Awesome - you could run your most mixed stats from that same button (excluding owner mixes or not and or including adapted versions or not) which would be a test of hair pulling if you get it coded before you run out of hair you won :laughing:


Only public recipes have a mixed stat


What about a different approach? Perhaps a “Make Recipe” button. :wink:

I’ll explain:
Simply keying in a recipe doesn’t modify your fluid levels in any way.

Once you click on the “make recipe” button, the amounts indicated in the recipe are deducted from your stock.

There would then be no need to worry about removing a recipe, modifying a recipe, etc. :wink:

On the off chance that a user accidentally clicked on the make recipe button, then they know in that instant that they need to rectify (re-add) the problem they created. Or forever hold their peace. chuckles [the system shouldn’t be blamed for user error, in a case such as this]



Please. (meaning, if we can comma separate things.)

search bar: chocolate, Marshmallow

It would also be nice to include brands.
Search bar: Ina biscuit, Cap sugar cookie


They will be on the main page though


Ok, how about a stash select page, with company filter, select the flavours you want and hit go…

God it sounds so simple… :confounded:


Hey, that sparky fellow sure has a lot of honeydo’s he expects you to accomplish. How about you hand over the DB side to him if he wants all this shit done!!


How?? How did I forget to add a short description to recipes?? It’s kind of important… :confounded:


Added a quick description to recipes.