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If you suggest a flavour that is already in the DB you will see the following, providing you spelt it the same.


Recipes will now show your stash flavours as highlighted rows:



Not is stash red?


I could do that but if green means added, not green means not added?

There is currently no way to add the flavour from a recipe to your stash…


Me having a derp moment sorry mate :rofl:


Export / Copy / Print your flavour stash:

Flavour Name / Company Name


CSV Example:



Export / Copy / Print someone elses flavour stash:

Flavour Name / Company Name

Will look at giving you a privacy setting if you don’t want to share your stash.


Share your stash with the “Get Share Link” button



Share recipes in a nicely formatted manner using the copy to clipboard button

Sprks' Butterscotch Bliss (finalized Aug 24. 2017)

Ingredients %
Butterscotch - Medicine Flower 0.43
Butterscotch (Natural) - Flavor West 4.00
Caramel - Capella 2.00
Graham Cracker - Capella 1.50
Vanilla Custard - Capella 2.00

Flavor total: 9.93%



Ingredients %
Egg Nog - The Perfumers Apprentice 6.75
Pumpkin Spice - The Perfumers Apprentice 1.75
Smooth - The Perfumers Apprentice 0.15

Flavor total: 8.65%


The total flavour percentage wasn’t being passed to the DB.

I’ve fixed it now, if you share a recipe and see Flavour total: 0.00%

Simply click edit recipe and update without changing any values and it will fix it.

Sorry for the inconvenience :v:


Known issue:

Not being able to select the flavours when using the stash checkbox.

Fix on the way soon


Yeah, I had that problem last night and some other times. I just didn’t check the stash flavors box but cool, the fix will be nice.


Fixed: The flavours not being clickable when using the Use Flavour Stash Flavours checkbox


You can now set your flavour stash to private if you wish. Click on User Settings




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Aplogies if you were hitting some blank screens or seeing errors when there normally isn’t any, I was coding :laughing:


Major update coming soon


After having a chat with @enyawreklaw he suggested adding top mixed recipes of the day/week/month.

So after a little brain storming I think I have found a way to do this.

When visiting a recipe you will be able to adapt it on the page (minus flavours), clicking mix will show you the recipe data as well as update a new DB table with your name / date of mix.

In turn this data can be used to show top mixed recipes of the day/week/month.

Note: When viewing your own recipes from the My Recipes page you will be presented with the old view.

The New Recipe Page

After Clicking Mix This

This is still a WIP but I would enjoy your feedback on what I have coded so far and the idea in general.


A few updates…


  • Recipe Views
  • Steep time
  • Coded the mix counter
  • Comment Count
  • Last Updated