Vaping Community E-liquid Calculator Changes


Yes, exactly that


Looks like a recode is in order for the create / update functions / pages, seems to be a lot of problems lately.

If you do happen to find a bug or something is not working how you think it should could you please post here in the following format:


What Page were you on?

What were you doing?

Any other details (recipe values / button click)

Browser you were using


I had trouble last night and earlier today. Seems the problem is when I use a kindle Fire with Amazon’s silk browser. Everything works for me with Firefox.


Yeah, Silk is broken in several respects.
(It’s cripple-ware IMO)

But you can load the necessary Google services (and Play store) on most Amazon devices. :wink:
I just did that for mom’s FireHD tablet (7th gen) last month.
(Holler if you want, or need a hand.)


I definitely will. I don’t know why I ever bought this thing and rarely ever use it. Anything smaller than a desktop PC or laptop irks me. Of course I have no idea how to get rid of the Amazon junk on it. I have the same 7th generation HD and I’ll holler when. Too much on my plate right now. Hell half the time I can’t figure out my phone and its I guess just a basic phone. :unamused:


I have a Fire HD first gen that I still use, believe it or not. 2013 or 2012 I think. Yeah, November of 2012.


Hey, I just realized how stupid and boring my last post was! I’m so sure you all care about my dinosaur tablet. It works good still though.


About as exciting as hearing how I bee reel dum with electronic gadgetry. :wink: