Vaping Community E-liquid Calculator Changes


Print a Recipe:

Another suggestion by @woftam and an excellent one if it keeps working.

The ouput from the Print action on a recipe


Recipe Page:

If you hit the mix this button and found you messed up your values, you can now Re-mix the recipe


Recipe Page:

Optional steep notifications.

I know some if not all of you won’t want to be inundated with emails so I made this an option


Recipe Page:

Although already planned we have another @woftam suggestion done.

When using the Mix This button a check will be performed on your flavour stash amounts for that recipe, if your stash flavour amount after mixing will be 2ml or less you will receive a warning.

Any issues or problems, let me know asap, thanks


Recipe Page:

If you don’t have enough of a flavour:

If you have run out of a flavour:


Flavour page:

Added a Where to buy button




Big ‘ask’ here (I’m betting), but…
Is there a chance we can make the numeric a user adjustable one?

I know I get nervous (on my most frequently used) if I run below 5ml…but for things like Acetyl Pyrazine or WS-23, 2ml would be about right. :wink:


@DaveDave Its coming… I have a working script just need to code and secure the upload part



It’s on the cards… :smile:


Stash Setting:

@Sprkslfly Asked for it, so it’s in, add your own flavour warning amount in ML’s in the setting page


Calculator will be going down for maintenance.

If your using it right now, let me know how long you need.



I’ve given security a bit of an overhaul, you can now work from more than one page, hopefully without problem.

Let me know if you find any issues, cheers


Good one @Grubby - I know that it was totally @Steampugs suggestions that saved the day :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


That’s a HUGE benefit for someone like me! I still use a single window per page/site after all these years. (Easier to compare things side by side, as well as the fact that I’m rarely doing one thing at a time when it comes to web browsing)

Thank you!


Occasionally I feel the need to make a dramatic entrance and bail you out, everyone knows I’m the technical backbone to this venture :roll_eyes:


Additions / Fixes

  • Add number of mixes to recipe page
  • Some minor cosmetic changes implemented
  • Fixed flavours missing on recipe page
  • Add rating to flavour note
  • Add trash can to your note
  • Check for public recipes for flavour
  • SG warning on recipes
  • Add to shopping list from master flavour list with optional note
  • Add all missing to shopping list from the recipe page with note
    - Either add all to shopping list or stash, not both



The calculator should now remember the page you were on before you logged in and redirect you back there


Recipe Page:

Create a One-shot / Flavour concentrate from any recipe, click the action menu.




Shopping List:

You can now view your notes


You mean, as in, we’re able to make notes about the recipe that inspired us to add it to the shopping list to start with? Or who recommended it? If so, that’s something many have wanted for a LONG time!!