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These are complications not yet addressed, still in the very early stages of development.

So what is RF SC?


Okay, I figured, I was just curious! Anyways, I love that you have this calculator! I can’t wait till it’s complete and I can make the transition to using this one! Oh and RF (SC) is Real Flavors (Super Concentrates)…Your probably smacking yourself in the forehead saying “duh” right about now aren’t you!!!

Oh, and one more question…are you gonna make it so the calculator is available to use offline?


But what are super concentrates? They aren’t PG based? :thinking:

Impossible to make an online calculator work offline unless I coded a windows APP or something…


Oooohhh, guess I’m the one smacking my own forehead now :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: words do not always relay what is actually meant! My bad! Anyways, I was always under the impression that they were to be marked as ‘other’ in the other calc that I used because they are neither pg or vg, but rather PDO based flavorings…

Yeah, that should have been self-explanatory, but not to me because I am not very advanced regarding computers and their programming and things of that nature! I can do what I need to, but that’s about it! Thanks for answering my dumb question!


Ooooh… Interesting, PDO you say… Anyone know the maths on that? :thinking:


Can you post a link to a recipe that uses RF SC please


Sorry, I had to run some errands…here is the one I create earlier…

Appleberry Remix

Ingredients %
Fuji - Flavour Art 2.75
Key Lime - The Perfumers Apprentice 1.00
Lime Tahity Cold Pressed - Flavour Art 0.25
Marshmallow (SC) - Real Flavors (SC) 1.00
Pear (SC) - Real Flavors (SC) 1.50
Strawberry (SC) - Real Flavors (SC) 2.00
Super Sweet - Purilum 0.25
Sweet Strawberry - Purilum 3.00

Flavor total: 11.75%


No idea…


Is that on ELR I want to compare values if possible…


Yeah, here’s the link…I appreciate you taking a look at this!


I appreciate your help!


Interestingly the values are the same… :thinking:


Everything seems to be working ok so far… I need a break though, been doing this all day again :confounded:


Not really PDO either although some have an amount in them. I agree with the ‘other’ tag for most flavours that are listed as SC. I would say some are probably better described as alcohol based (MF, Juice factory au , Bcf VZ) but since some are just neither pg or vg other is appropriate.


I removed the checkboxes completely, so just use the calc and cross check the values to see how off they are, if its really bad I’ll code it in


This is something that’s ‘under discussion’ (in many aspects), but suffice it to say that it would probably simplest to chalk them up as being ‘PG based’ flavors for the purposes of recipe consideration.

MF on the other hand (for the majority) are pure extracts. No alcohol, no carrier (PG, PDO, or otherwise). That’s part of what makes them so expensive, and also so potent! :wink:


Since we are assuming (dangerous, I know) that “they are a thing of the past” (/sarcasm: We’re in the ‘Professional Super Concentrates*’ Era now, after all :roll_eyes: ) and combine that with the fact that he never released raw materials data in any form or fashion for them to his guinea pigs at large… I wouldn’t bother worrying too much about them. But that’s just me.

I would focus my energies on companies that take proper responsibility for, and pride in their flavors, and put out MSDS sheets for flavors that don’t change every six months.


Yeah, your right! I’m not really worried about it! I just have a few that I will finish up, but I don’t plan on restocking them at all!

The only values that I see that are different are the PG and VG amounts…they are both 30ml, 2mg, 80/20 recipes, and it appears that on the ELR recipe the values for the flavorings are being taken from both the 80% VG and 20% PG ratios, while on the VC recipe the values for the flavorings are being taken from only the 20% PG ratio…


Little bit more pg then vg in the other calculator…


I wonder how that extra gram of VG will change the mix if at all…