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Recipe should be working now, one page with privacy checks, if you happen to view someone elses recipe that is private, let me know, cheers.


This recipe is private but shareable

Golden Breeze

Ingredients %
Golden Pineapple - Capella 6.00
Kool Effects (Koolada) - Flavor West 1.00

Flavor total: 7%




  • Upvotes not removing after recipe deletion

Upvotes now working



  • Save this button now works, simply click it to save another public recipe as yours



  • Upvotes should work as intended now :tada:


So as we move into phase 2, you should see that everything works as intended, if not please report any problems here, thanks

I will be monitoring and trying to improve things as we move forward.


I am currently going through and cleaning up the code, making some optimisations and generally making what we have so far, useable.


  • Finish stash
  • Build flavour pages
    • Comments
    • Ratings
    • Average % usage for each flavour
  • Build user pages
    • Settings
    • Profile
    • Link back to your forum profile
    • PM link (visibilty toggle in user settings)
  • User profile checks on login
  • Avatar URL fix
  • Stats page:
    • Search user field on stats page (main)
    • Most used flavour
    • Top 3 most used flavours
    • Top flavour (based on rating)
    • Top 3 flavours (based on rating)


Ok, you can now select flavours on the flavour stash screen and then tick the “Use flavour stash flavours” checkbox on the create page, this will allow you to search your stash only.

Note: Unticking it will allow you to instant search the flavour database and vice versa


You can now search via flavour company name as well as flavour name :tada:


btw if it seems broken, ie. page goes blank, something stops working, it’s only because I’m messing with it :laughing:


Small suggestion: When searching for a flavor for your recipe, when I type “Strawberry ripe”, it only shows me those flavors that [start with] “strawberry ripe”, not those that [contain] “strawberry” and “ripe”.

The one I’m searching for is included in your DB as “Strawberry (Ripe) (TPA)”
so it doesn’t show up.

Other thing: The Flavor Apprentice logo uses the “Fa” logo tfaLogo
– I’m sure you’re already aware, just haven’t the time to update yet… Since some people like to complain about what to label them as… TFA/TPA/FA, etc.

Good work so far !


Yeah I was messing with the search last night and it seems it can def be improved.

I believe that’s the new logo for TFA or at least that’s what is on my bottles :thinking:




  • Strip empty flavour inputs on save/update


Search should be fixed now, thanks!


Flavour stash sharing -


Ok, sorry but your recipes might disappear tomorrow…

I’m going to try and rework the way the dB holds the flavour information for a recipe, a better array is needed, it will give me a lot more flexibility.


HOld on, update is broken af :laughing:



Your recipes flavours will probably be removed until I can fix this bug


Hey @Grubby, I have a question…I just added a recipe just to check out the calculator for myself, and I am now curious how the Real Flavors (SC) are incorporated into recipes if they are not PG or VG based, but instead are other…it looks to me as if they are just being incorporated as PG based…I have the Appleberry Remix recipe with a few RF (SC) in there…I would think that when it is a flavor like this or even a medicine flower flavoring that it should take equal parts from the PG and VG totals, like if you have an 80/20 recipe and have 3.00 of a RF (SC) in it, it would be consider as 78.50 VG/18.50 PG/ 3.00 RF (SC) flavoring…does this make sense? Sorry if this is being, or already has been addressed…I didn’t have time to read this thread in its entirety!