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I know it is on the radar but just here for reminder purposes - need to add another section to flavour carrier for ‘other’


Possible idea

When you click on a flavour to view it, list all it’s alias’ along with user inputted links of where to buy, a rating, user notes, link to the SDS, average percent usage, number of recipes it’s used in, highest percent, lowest percent


Yup good plan - I have struggled with how to handle them in recipes since the what can i make wont return recipes with vz if you entered it as bcf or juice factory (not that i use the what can i make anymore since it just returns a shit ton) but if you had a limited stash it would be helpful


Another possible idea (and it’s a TALL order)…
But! I’ve always wished there was a way to integrate the forum with the flavor database.

What I mean by this is, when someone mentions a flavor in the forum (properly, ie: Banana Ripe (TFA) for example) the forum could auto sense it, and turn it into a hyperlink so that we could click it, and have it offer the option to go to the flavor info page, or “add to shopping list”…

It’s so clunky to try and remember what I’ve read, and then try to add it to the shopping list, by which time I’ve forgotten which brand, but remember the flavor (if I’m lucky).


How about a “recommendation” based off of your stash?

The stash should def have average percentage for each of your flavours, as we get more busy I can probably work that into the create page so as you pick a flavour it will show you the average % or something, would that be useful?


With the forum being a whole different kettle of fish I’m not sure that’s possible but I’ll look into it


How about…
If we’ve keyed in our preferred SF %, it shows that, if we haven’t, it flashes up the averages? (perhaps separate colors, so we know at a glance which ones are our own, and which are community averages?


What does everyone think of the dashboard so far? Default styling atm


I like stats - would be cool to add
top viewed recipe all time
top viewed 24hrs

(not sure if you are going to add a mixed this or not)
most mixed
top rated

allsorts of stuff springs to mind


I think everything looks great though my personal usage of some features is limited by a very odd set of taste buds. I say this because when I began I tried the most popular flavors and found some that I can’t stand. Its definitely me. For example, I simply can’t tolerate the taste of Cap Vanilla Custard V1 or V2 and just about any TFA vanilla flavor- even Vanilla Swirl. I had to find alternatives. I can taste the strawberries, but I don’t get ‘strawberry." There are some others I suspect that I have difficulty tasting "normally’ like lemon and pineapple and suspect that my percentages would be too high for many. When I began vaping/ mixing I used flavorless until I began finding what would work for me and had a hell of a time with 'top rated recipes." I do mix for other people and get their feedback. I’ve had to make big adjustments for some, and oddly enough, both directions from what I like.

But all in all I think everything looks well thought out and simply great. My usage will be mostly for private recipes and the flavor stash as well as getting ideas from other mixers.


No need to swear! :laughing:


I have heard of people being stoned for blasphemy like that .


I do have to say i cheat on vc1 every so often with inw custard and fa custards on on occasion flv - think i will make them have a threesome sometime


My number one is FLV though I use FA a lot too. I just tried Purilum VC and like it a lot. There is some chemical that puts me off in the Cap and TFA plus I get pepper from TFA real bad.


Ya i do like the flv steep time is super short and very light usage % .

I have a mate that gets pepper off tpa and off chem from vc1 he can pick it in a juice at very low % so you are not alone, it must be an ingredient that is in both with a similar composition or at least one that triggers the same sensitivity.





Create a way to share recipes… Almost forgot about this…

This is no good…

Simplified the URL


I wonder if you can code the discourse software to have custom bbcode rec#7 or something similar so that it looks it up and includes the recipe in the post


You and me both my friend.