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Great call! :thumbsup:


Well… I seem to have solved a problem…

I would hazard a guess there are more issues but I’ll be damned if I can find them right now.

I’ve opened it back up if anyone wants to have a click around, cheers


I’ve locked this down, I need some time to rethink the whole thing, possibly recode it, keep suggestions / thoughts coming though


Spent a few hours going through some code and think I have fixed the issues I was having, everything seems to work fine

  • Create, update, adapt, save recipe, should all work fine
  • flavours are now using their ID to get details
  • the what can I make has been removed for now
  • stash works fine
  • stats might be a little off due to me testing

Any thoughts?


Ok, took a little longer than I hoped but it is working now,


  • Added confirmation for comment deletion (flavours & recipes)
  • Manually added flavour ID’s to the recipe flavours table
  • Recipe flavours will have their corresponding flavour ID’s inserted on recipe creation
  • Fixed some minor mobile styling issues
  • The amount of times a flavour is used will update when the flavour is used to create a recipe (simplicity)
  • Flavours entered manually will be assigned company name “User Defined”

You should be able to add your flavours with whatever name you want now with no problems, ie. You don’t have to select from the dropdown if you don’t want to although I would encourage you to use the dropdown flavour list.

I still have to add the flavour suggestion page but as it is, we have essentially eliminated any “bad” flavours from entering the DB, keeps things clean.

Finally got emails working, this opens up the possibility for different types of notifications and even a batch collector that will notify you when your recipes have steeped.

The best way to find and eliminate bugs is to use the platform, if anyone has a spare 5mins to just run one or two recipes through, edit them, deleted them, adapt them (need to be logged out), chuck in some comments etc that would be great, thanks :v:


@mrpipes @woftam @DaveDave

The flavour stash now holds the flavour id, prior to this it didnt, if you could, over time, turn the stash flavours off then back on again this will add the flavour ID and allow the flavour link on the userstash page to work properly.

Apologies for the inconvinence, especially to you @mrpipes please don’t kill me :pray:


Will do and its no problem. Appreciate all your hard work.:+1:


Cheers mate sorry I haven’t been around much or done any testing of late. Keeping all the juggling balls in the air atm is proving difficult.


Hey Grubby, haven’t had a chance to go through all of your requests, but here’s what I’ve found so far while adapting one of your recipes while not logged in.

  1. when using the up/down arrows on the VG%, the value I stop at (assume 83.4%) If I click anywhere else, the value doesn’t get used for calculations. If I hit the <Enter> key while in the field, the value is then used for final calcs.

  2. PG = -1.80%

Usability issue on this same screen (as above):
When typing in a flavor, I’m looking for “chocolate <something>”
If I type “cho”, the drop down isn’t populated, if I type “choco” it’s ONLY populated with flavors that contain EXACTLY “choco”. If I type “chocol” nothing shows up. Only when I (correctly) type “chocolate” does everything containing “chocolate” show up.
Would be nice if it popped up with every flavor containing whatever was typed in so far.


Im using FULLTEXT which is a better option, just type in a full word and you will get results.


1 is fixed, the calc will update as you click now

2 should show an error message if the values are less than 0


:thinking: :man_shrugging: :zipper_mouth_face:


Added a suggest a flavour page


Ummmm, errrr…
I’ll have to PM you later when I’m on the pc.


This is old, those things have been done, unless you have found problems, in which case, PM me asap, cheers :wink: