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What else do you want to see on the home page of VcCalc?


Looks really good @Grubby. Pleasure working with you tonight on those few things. Looks and works much better now mate !!!


Some Additions / Changes:

  • Easily add images to your recipes (use imgur or similar and the URL must end with a file extension, ie. jpg)
  • Save new or update, your choice
  • Contained the flavour selection menu on Create for better accessibility


Trying a new compacted form style… Thoughts please


Looking good @grubby


the “create” layout is very nice.
Just carry it over to the “edit” screen to - eventually.

Anyways, the calculations are still not 100% accurate.
Here’s a simple recipe that ends up at 101.5% total
It’s a TEST RECIPE, not a real one. I’ll delete it later.


I must have not added the new code to recipe yet… :thinking:


Just waiting for feedback on the layout


Layout is nice.
Just a thought, but, for desktop users, can you move the recipe view to the right of the Nic values ? Like this :


Getting "unavailable " for the calculator and recipes etc… Is it down or ?


It is indeed down for the moment, had a bit of a problem, database got damaged, I had no backup :confounded:

Lost all recipes…

I’m recoding most of it, made some really terrible mistakes, might be a while until it is useable again.


I have everything backed up so it’s not a problem for me but I’m so sorry to hear that your hard work on this went up in smoke. FWIW we all appreciate it.


Been pulling what hair I have left out trying to recode everything, I certainly didn’t make this easy for myself thats for sure :laughing:


That SUCKS dude !


Ok, I managed to get it all back to how it was but there is a new issue, I wonder how long until someone finds it… :thinking:


??? If there is an issue I can’t find it. Everything seems to work fine for me.

There is only one thing that I would like to see but is unimportant. I really like the many ways the flavor stash can be sorted. I’m using it to sort first by flavor company then alphabetically by flavor. For example Capella first then alphabetically by their flavors. I also change to show 100 at a time. If there was a way to set a personal default way the stash is opened, I would like that. However, this is just a whim … the way the stash can be used is just great as is.


Cool, I’ll take a look and see if thats possible, thanks :smile:


Ok, so I think I have found a way to fix the issue I’m having, it requires me to change the flavour names, which requires me to change the flavour names in the stash along with a ton of code but it should make things easier in the long run.

You won’t lose your stash.

I’m a bit pressed for time atm but when I get a day or two I’ll lock down the calc and get it done.

I’m also thinking that a “submit a flavour” section would be useful.

You would submit a flavour name and company with a URL for verification that it is a real flavour, I could make this a live submit so it will check against the flavour DB and let you know if it already exists or not as you type, then I simply allow it or dismiss it. I would probably need to notify that somehow, maybe give each user a table with your submissions in and show waiting / verified / dismissed.

Might take me a while to finish this project but it’s getting there slowly


Btw the problem comes when someone submits there own flavour with a - in, it breaks the way it is supposed to work, silly i know. Above changes should fix it