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Thanks Grubby, the validation is still broken.
see pic. It should be an acceptable recipe (I wouldn’t mix it!), but I couldn’t save it - gave me that pink warning box.

I d/l your code snippet you posted yesterday, and I’ll see if I can figure it out and send it back to you.


Its validating server side, the code I posted was just for the “view” maths


Im looking for VG or PG under 0ML and erroring


Should work now :+1:


Fair enough hon! lol
I was basically just spit-balling for ways to prevent abuse for the most part, but honestly, I have to ask.

Your not even the least bit curious what it costs to make your favorite mixes?
(It’s another of the things I find fascinating about the whole process)


Yes, and No.
In your example, you went Max PG and the math worked out.
If you use Max VG, the math works.
If you use something else, ex: 30P/70V, it fails, but 70P/30V works.
If flavor % > PG %, then the negative PG% should be subtracted from the VG % and PG% should be reset to 0% – ie: max VG.

I’ve also had exceptions where there will be 47% of base, and 55% of flavor to come up with 102% total and not fail, or where PG = -0.00% and it will fail.

Will this also allow for creation of stones / bases ? If the user is “smart” and sets nic to 0%, PG% to 100, AND their flavors adds up to exactly 100%, yes. Otherwise, it fails (and adds PG).

Some stupid nit-picky things:

  • for the % fields, can the fields’ onChange event, trigger an update to the recipe view at the bottom ? ie: remove the “view” button.
  • I hate being logged out all the time, and having to re-log back in.

Awesome job so far ! Weren’t you supposed to take a break ? :wink:


“I hate being logged out all the time, and having to re-log back in.“

Me too not sure what’s causing that tbh


This is done on create


I think i’ve fixed the flavour rating issue… :tada:

Added the flavour ratings to flavour list


Slight issue with saving someone elses recipe, should be fixed now :tada:


:woman_shrugging: I can’t say that I am :peanuts: is good enough for my lazy ass :laughing:


Added a way to edit and delete your flavour and recipe comments, find the links under the header menus


Slight problem, fixing now


Fixed it, the data should update in the table on submit





Added a supporters badge for all VC supporters :tada:


You can now search recipes by

  • Recipe Name
  • Mixologist
  • Flavour


Added a vccalc field


Moved into Alpha, testing needed! Thanks to all of those who have helped me so far :smile: