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Just tried it, and it still happens on Create Recipe
as well as Edit Recipe (is this what you call Update ?)
Couldn’t find an “Adapt Page”…

Also, at the top of the forum, can we have a link to the calculator ?
And at the top of the calculator, can we have a link back to the forum ?


User -> Vaping Discourse
Resources -> Vaping Discourse

I’ll add a link to the calc here in a sec


The reasons I asked that was because yesterday I rated and attempted to leave comments about a couple of flavors. The rating appeared but the comments didn’t. It asked me to leave a comment when I had done that. My thoughts were that comments and ratings would be public and flavor notes of a recipe could be private if the mixer wanted that by using recipe notes.


Flavour comments are not implemented yet, I can make them private and have them show on the not yet made user page if that suits?


Oh, I thought it was functional. Either way suits me but I assumed that if comments were made with ratings they would be public. In fact, i think public is best. If someone wants to rate something , I think they should put their name on it. Maybe that can deter ratings like “5 stars at 50%.”


I was doing ratings separate from comments for simplicity I don’t want to force too many hands


Searching public recipes by flavour should be working now :tada: :crossed_fingers:


@DaveDave Can you remove the 100% flavour recipes please


Looking better!
Now on to fixing the recipe %'s. Form values validation needs work.

Not sure how you’re validating or calculating to get a negative 200% of VG

Here’s how I got those numbers above:

No hurry on this, just put it on your growing list of shit to do :innocent:


Your inputting 300% of flavour what do you expect :rofl:



Oh, i see, your pointing out I haven’t got around to validating the calcs on the page yet to stop negative numbers, I got ya, It’s part way done, still need to work some stuff out cheers :+1:


I have almost 500 flavours in my stash at ELR and I’ve never put a price in.
So unless I hunt down all these flavours on the web and put a price on it I cannot rate a flavour?
You will have to pay me a hell of a lot of money to get me to do that :wink: :roll_eyes::tired_face:


Flavour rating will be open to logged in users regardless


Try now, should be checking for values under 0 and returning an error, thanks


Flavour comments should be working now, see an example here:


You can now delete your flavour comments in case you mess up


The flavour ratings have stopped working… I need to redo them


Oh you poor guy :tired_face:


Im just leaving it alone for the moment, I need a break I think :smile: